Pinterest is the fastest growing social media network since Facebook. As a business owner you know that you cannot ignore the possibilities that promoting via Pinterest brings to your business. It doesn’t matter if your business is online or off, deals in physical products, in person services, or virtual services — Pinterest is a valuable marketing tool for business owners. Fortunately, it is easily integrated with the rest of your efforts such as blogging, article marketing, video marketing and other social media marketing such as Twitter and Facebook.

If you’ve determined that Pinterest is a good marketing vehicle to add to your online marketing mix then you’ll be happy to know that you can add some code or a plug in to your blogs, websites, emails, and other social media, to make it simple to integrate these other channels with Pinterest. Pinterest offers code for you to use, but each browser and search engine offers their own versions of apps to make using Pinterest easy too.

Using Pinterest to show and tell your business story is a simple way to go about getting information to your target audience.

Some great ideas for boards for any company are:

> Company History
> Service and Product Examples
> Testimonials and Recommendations
> “How to” Information about your Product/Services
> Demonstrate Company Success and Growth
> Illustrate Community Involvement
> Founder’s Career Path
> Employee Profiles
> Company Logo
> and More…

There are apps and plugins that will allow you to use keyboard shortcuts to making pinning fast and easy. If you want to expand thumbnails so that you can see pinned items without opening the link you can all install apps which allows you to enlarge images just by hovering over the image. There are endless apps, tools and plugins for business owners to make Pinterest more useful and simple.

Many other software programs such as Bing search, Mailchimp, Facebook, Flickr, WordPress and others are creating apps that allow integration of Pinterest to work seamlessly. By making Pinterest a priority in your marketing efforts, ensuring that each endeavor includes Pinterest you’ll be able to drive traffic to your website and business, increase your social media return on investment, and just have fun creating interesting, creative and useful pinboards.

Seek apps, tools and plugins that:

* Make sharing & pinning valuable content easier
* Create one click opportunities with Pinterest
* Automate sharing across multiple channels
* Integrate Pinterest with your blog
* Create opportunities for interaction with other Pinterest users
* Allows pin tracking
* Schedule pins
* Makes Pinterest analytics more effective
* and more…

By integrating Pinterest with all your marketing efforts you’ll create a perfect storm that will bring you more business for very little cost. Pinterest will help you build trust and loyalty with your connections. By providing valuable content that viewers grow to trust will further encourage more sharing of your content. Don’t be afraid to connect with everyone on a personal level too. Automation and integration is great, but ensure to show that there is a person behind your pins too.

Joshua Shoemaker

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