Obviously the use of video for marketing is becoming more popular all the time. One of the reasons is that videos are now ranking in the search engines. This means you can get video directory traffic, as well as search engine traffic.

And videos are often times more interesting than writing. Since most people are visual, this increases interest.

However, as you can imagine, some videos are more effective than others. Here are five of the most important tips to get good results:

#1) Use keywords in the title

Just like a webpage, doing this for your video is very important. Since this is often the only content your page will have, it’s very important to include keywords in the title.

#2) Have a written description of the video

This will show the search engines what the video content is about. This again is very important due to their lack of content.

#3) Use the word “video” in the title

People often add this phrase to the end of their search phrase. So putting it in your title will bring some more traffic.

#4) Allow comments

This will keep the page relevant in the search engines, because Google likes updating pages. And it could also increase your sales.


This is because often times the people who take the time to comment are also the ones who are most likely to buy. Therefore, you can respond to the comments and answer questions.

#5) Include useful content

When you have an interesting and unique video, tons of sites will pick it up. Therefore, you will get a lot of viral traffic without having to do a thing.

And those who watch it will tell their friends about it, which will increase your page views. Think about how often Youtube videos get passed around at work. The viral effect of videos cannot be overlooked.

However, you need to have good information.

A lot of marketers hold back on their free info because they don’t want to reveal their secrets. However, people aren’t going to buy your product unless you establish yourself as an expert. And the only way to do that is to give away quality information.

Tell a story.

The best marketers know that telling a story is one of the best ways to increase sales. Obviously you want to have good information. However, you must be able to communicate it in an interesting way to increase your sales.

Therefore, incorporating your personal story in the video is one of the surest ways you can get more sales. For instance, if you are selling an acne product, talk about how the method you teach cleared your skin. People are always more likely to listen to someone who has personal experience with a topic.

So the bottom line is, you need to have a video that appeals to the search engines by making use of keywords. However, it must also be compelling to human visitors. Remembering both these points is the key to success.

Joshua Shoemaker


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