Writing an e-book can be difficult. Readers, particularly

e-book writers, want something that is worth the purchase.

Unfortunately for you, this often means a relatively long

e-book. To a reader, there is nothing worse than buying an

e-book only to later found out that it is only ten pages long.

That is why you will want to make sure that your e-books are

full of information. If you find yourself having a hard time

reaching your ideal word count, you may want to think about

adding interviews to your e-book.

Interviews are a great way to add additional content to your

e-book. In fact, you will also find that many e-book readers

love reading interviews, especially if they are from a

professional perspective. For instance, if you are writing an

e-book on caring for your pets, you may want to think about

doing an interview with one of your local vets. The previously

mentioned sample is just that, a sample. When using interviews

in your e-book, you will want to try and find an expert that is,

in one way or another, related to your e-book subject.

When it comes to e-book interviews, many writers think that they

sound great, but wonder how they can go about getting an

interview. In all honesty, there are a number of different ways

that you can get an interview for your e-book. You may want try

and schedule a local interview, in person. You can do this by

contacting local experts or business owners. If you are unable

to find an interview subject locally, you may be able to find

one online. If you come across the website of an expert in the

subject of your e-book try sending them an e-mail. You will

find that many are more than happy to give you a few minutes of

their time. When scheduling an interview try to make it in

person or over the phone. You should only use email as a last


In addition to wondering how they can get interview subjects,

many e-book writers also wonder what questions they should ask.

When determining what you should and shouldn’t ask, you need to

take a reader’s perceptive. If you were reading your e-book,

what would you like to see in it? This is the best approach to

take. Questions that you should definitely ask include

experience working in the field, what it took to get there, and

the pros of being involved in it. You may also want to ask your

interview subject to provide a few quick tips to your readers.

The questions that you ask an interview subject should be

prepared ahead of time. You may want to make yourself a list of

questions to ask. In fact, a list of questions isn’t the only

thing that you should do. When it comes to preparing for an

interview, there are a number of steps that you should take.

One of these steps involves coming up with a quite environment

for your interview. You may also want to think about recording

your interview, as long as your interview subject approves of

being recorded. A recording will help to make sure that you

don’t miss anything important and it will also provide you with

accuracy, especially when quoting.

Once you have officially conducted your interview and walked

away with the information that you were looking for, you may be

wondering what you should do with all of that information. Of

course, you will want to put it into your e-book, but you may

also want to use all or a portion of your interview to also

promote your e-book. As previously mentioned, many readers enjoy

reading interviews, especially by those who are considered

experts in their field. If you are able to score an interview,

you want to use as often as you can.

The decision as to whether or not you want to include an

interview in your e-book is yours to make. However, it is

important that you remember what an interview can do for you. A

professional interview will not only increase your word count,

but it may also help your e-book stand apart from your


To your success,

Joshua Shoemaker


P.S. Whether you are able to interview a nationally known expert

or just someone who is from your area, you are advised to

include interviews in your e-book. They have been known to make

e-books more interesting and readable.

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