There are internet marketing techniques that you can start to implement once you have your initial business off the ground. These are more advanced than the basic “bum marketing” tips that newbies start with. Instead, as you become an “intermediate marketer” you need to expand your repertoire of internet marketing techniques.

First of all, as everyone always says, “the money’s in the list.” If you haven’t started email lists in all of your niches, you are leaving money on the table. There are internet marketing techniques that you can’t implement until you have lists.

When you have lists, you can do many things. For instance, if you have a dog training list and a credit card list, you can cross promote. Perhaps you can offer dog branded credit cards to the dog list.

But it’s not just your own products and services that you can promote when you have a list. Once you top 500 people on your list, you can create Joint Ventures with other marketers. Perhaps you can send an email to the other list in exchange for that marketer sending an email to your list. That way, you can not only promote products but build your own lists.

But lists aren’t the only internet marketing techniques I want to talk about today. Another technique is to build out your existing sites. Most new marketers will start websites in a variety of niches. This is partly a lack of focus and partly not knowing what exactly to do. Once you have figured out what works, you need to improve upon it.

For instance if you have an adsense site that is making $2 a day, figure out how you can make $5 a day from it. Perhaps that means reconfiguring the look of the site to make the ads more clickable. Maybe it means adding more pages to the site so there are more opportunities to click. Or maybe, it means promoting the site more thoroughly. Once you have developed something that makes money, improve upon it.

Another of my intermediate internet marketing techniques is offering your system to newbie marketers. Now, newbies are advised to stay out of the internet marketing niche because experts have got a good chunk of the market. But you’re no newbie. In fact, having recently grown your business from the newbie stage, you have much more in common with this target market than the “gurus” do.

You can offer a report that details your system for making money. Another approach is to offer a course which delivers the steps over time. If you are willing to put the time into it, you can offer a coaching program. Not only is this a way of making some additional money, it is a way of giving back.

Once you have advanced beyond the “newbie” stage, there are a whole host of intermediate internet marketing techniques to master.

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