For people with affiliate programs, are you sending a regular newsletter to your affiliates, Do you know how significant of a role that they play, Here is why you should be sending those newsletters to your affiliates on a regular basis.

You can update affiliates on your new products, contests, etc.
You can inform the affiliates of any policy changes or new tools for them to use.
You can answer any questions that may come up.

Using these newsletters you can also stay in touch, and hence remain relevant in the affiliate’s minds. You can keep reminding them to promote your products.

The subject line should make it clear that the newsletter is
specifically written for the affiliates and not consumers

Using Catchy Subject Lines

Using catchy subject lines will increase your emails open rate.

The subject line should make it clear that the newsletter is specifically written for the affiliates and not consumers and that you have exciting and serious stuff inside.

For example. You can begin your newsletter with the highest commission that was paid the previous week. This works well at getting your emails read and also as an inspiration to the affiliates.

Another great opener is by greeting the affiliate and thanking them for promoting your products. This reminds them of their connection to you and exactly who you are.


Hello Andrea,

We are grateful you promote our products at

Highlight The Main Topics at the Beginning of the Newsletter
to Show What?s Inside

Putting some of your topics too far down will result in many affiliates not seeing them as opposed to showing them towards the top. For this reason, you should use a bullet list. You can also hyperlink them to the appropriate areas of the newsletter. This will make it easy for affiliates to find the information they want.

Before Their Launch, Give Affiliates Your Latest Product For Free

By doing this, you will enable the affiliates to get familiar with the product hence they can talk about it with authority to prospective customers.

Give Affiliates Enough Notice

To enable your affiliates to execute their duties properly you should give them plenty of notice to things like codes for discounts they can offer, sales, coupons, discontinuations, contests, etc.

Use plain old text to write your emails unless you are in a high tech industry. This is because plain old text loads faster on phones, it is slightly more likely to be read by the recipient and it is less likely to get flagged as spam.

If you are in an industry that expects a lot of flash such as high-tech I would advise you to use HTML. Again, if you want to display your product in a banner also use HTML. In a case where you are not sure, I would advise you to go back to the basics which are plain old text.

Offer Your Affiliates the Chance to Be On an
Exclusive List of Flash Sales

Flash sales are those sales with a significant discount that doesn’t last long and they, at times, come with little to no warning. The reason for offering this is because some affiliates like being proactive and like to be notified in advance. Others won’t mind and will gladly appreciate the opportunity regardless.

Point Affiliates to Your Forum or Facebook Group Where You Ask Their Thoughts and Their Needs

This will keep the communications on a 2-way street instead of just sending them a survey and taking up their time. You can also conduct just a short poll. Asking affiliates what they think of something might give you some surprising insights.
Provide a Call to Action at the End of the Newsletter

By doing this, you will be providing the affiliate with answers as to what you want them to do. Should they call you for more information, Visit your web page to get the codes for your new banners, You will have already told them what action to take.

Send Your Affiliate Newsletters Weekly Instead Of Monthly

As long as you have relevant information to share with the affiliates, they would prefer to hear from you on a weekly basis.


Always test your newsletters before sending them out. This will allow you to check for spelling errors, formatting errors, inaccurate information, etc. Also make sure to include your contact information in every newsletter for the affiliates so that if they need to contact you for more information, they know where to find you.

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