Even the most professional looking squeeze pages may lack the element that prompts conversions to get subscribers or sales. Think outside of the box to make yours unique, by doing the exact opposite of what the majority does on their squeeze pages. It will pay off in getting the attention of your audience and their email addresses. Test the content and subscription rates with an A/B split test to gauge the increases.

Do Not Insert The Prospects Name: Inserting the name of a person used to increase open rates. That is not the case at present. On the contrary, your request for their name lessens response rates. Only ask buying customers their names, instead of making that request when you are encouraging them to subscribe to your list. So, delete that field from your opt-in form, leaving only the field for their email address. Make subscribing easy to increase conversions.

Remove The Spam Sentence: This is the sentence beneath the opt-in box, that is anti spam and states that you will never share their info with anyone. Totally delete this, without altering it in any form. Tests reveal that this sentence decreases sign-up rates. It does not provide any sense of security today, as people know that the opposite is usually true.

Spam sentences hinder you in selling your website as trustworthy and any associated lists you are asking people to sign up for since you stated that you will never share their information. Your future success is decreased along with current sign-ups, avoid this as most internet marketers include that sentence.

Reveal Who You Are To Them: People will opt in to a list quicker when they know a little about the list owner. In addition to knowing the benefit to them, they want to know about you. Use your name and your image to show that you are a real person with a real story.

The identifying information on your squeeze page will offset the incidence of people checking your email later, and not remembering you. Squeeze pages allow for the making of a great first impression that will enhance the memory of you, when they read your subsequent emails. There is a greater likelihood that your email will not be relegated to the spam folder, but it will be opened, read, and converted to action.

Institute A/B split testing of these three alterations on your squeeze page to evaluate sign up increases.

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