KLT is one of the oldest and most tried-and-proven sales methods in existence. In fact, if you are to talk to anybody who makes a living persuading other people, they will use KLT. They may not be aware that they’re using this method, but they would have to use it because the KLT system or sales method is geared towards persuading people based on how the human mind operates.

We’re not all that different. Regardless of where we come from in the world, regardless of what we look like, regardless of our backgrounds, we all, at some level or other, think alike. In other words, we are persuaded in pretty much the same way.

Sure, there may be certain cultural differences but, generally speaking, we all respond to the KLT sales method. What is KLT? It stands for like, know and trust.

To get anybody to buy anything from you, they must first feel that they trust you. When was the last time you bought something from a total stranger? Chances of that happening are quite low. Welcome to the club. Most people think the same way as you. Most people would not buy from a total stranger.

To build that trust, people must feel that they know enough about the product, and they have to like the product. These two factors flow together. Somebody has to know something and be familiar enough with to like it and then later on to trust the brand or specific solution.

KLT is crucial to any kind of persuasion. This is why video is so powerful.

You can set up a video that is all about the ?L? part of the equation. This video teaches people to like a particular method of solving a problem.

You can also set up a video to play before it that focuses on the ?K? part of the equation. This is the video that gives people knowledge regarding how to solve a problem and the different options available. This leads to the ?L? video, which makes them like a particular option.

Finally, you can create the ?T? video, which stands for trust. This trust video teaches people to trust a specific method because of case studies or facts.

Regardless of how you make your case, when you line up these videos the right way, you show them the right video at the right time and you give them the message they need to make an informed choice.

That’s how you persuade people with video and this happens all the time. In fact, video is one of the most powerful ways to convert using the KLT sales system.


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