Let’s get one thing clear. There are many ways to make videos. You probably are well aware of that. One of the most common video types is actually the most expensive.

I am, of course, talking about video spokespersons. These are people who either memorize the sales speech or they have a teleprompter that they read from. Whatever the case may be video spokespersons tend to be very expensive because you?re renting their time.

There are also many very experienced video spokespersons who specialize in particular niches. For example, if you’re looking for somebody who looks credible pushing insurance or business-related products, that person’s probably going to charge a premium because this person wears a suit and tie, looks very distinguished, has a few years and seems to know what he or she is talking about.

These types of videos may be very common, but this doesn?t necessarily mean that they are cheap. What if I told you that one of the cheapest forms of videos can actually deliver the most profit? You probably are rolling your eyes. You might even be laughing out loud. How can this be?

Well, you have to understand how profit is calculated. A business calculates its profits by deducting costs from revenue. What if I told you that there is a type of video that is very, very cheap to make so your costs are very low. However, it can produce quite a bit of revenue.

So, with everything else being equal, these types of videos can give you a higher profit margin because of their low-cost profile. What kind of video type am I talking about? Slideshows. That?s right.

You basically just show a series of pictures that alternate on the screen and you narrate what’s going on. Maybe people would see a picture and then there would be some text and then some pictures again. This can be done smoothly or this can happen in a very mechanical sequence.

Whatever the case may be you use your voice to connect with the viewer. If you pack enough facts, result and case studies into the slideshow, your video not only becomes more personable and more relevant to the viewers? needs, but you actually become more persuasive.

The key here is to impress with facts and results. You have to understand that people know that they’re being sold. They know that you’re trying to convince them of something, but they will not sit up and pay attention based on the things that you say.

Instead, they want you to show results. Show it, don’t say it. This is why it’s really important to use slideshows as part of the KLT process.

When you show different videos that educate people and then call them to action, slideshows can help you reduce your costs while maximizing your sales. You can make a lot more videos. You can afford to optimize them. This can lead to a healthier bottom line.


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