It’s important to occasionally not only check up on who is linking to your site, but also what links you have linking out on your own site. Linking inventory isn’t hard to do today thanks to technology.

Finding Out Who Links to You:

* – Enter your domain name and this site will check to see who is linking to your site for free. Just install the code on your site and you can see who is linking to your site. It’s a good idea to find out this information. You can get a free account or a pro account.

* – At this site you can get more free information including the meta data showing up for your site as well as the links to your site. It’s not as comprehensive as the paid service above but it can give you some insight into who is linking to you.

* GooHackle – This is a tool that you can use to find out how many sites are linking back to your blog or your domain. It will show both external links and backlinks. You’ll only get a few without contracting with the creator. You’ll find GooHackle on

* Google – You can do a search using the following [] to get a list of sites linking to your site. You can also do it on Google Webmaster Tools Home Page by clicking Search Traffic and Links to Your Site.

* Small SEO Tools – This is a neat tool where you can input your domain name and not only see who is linking to your site but also determine if the site is offering any value to you. You can even download the links to a spreadsheet and see who is follow or no follow, and the page rank of each site your link is on.

Keeping Track of Internal Links:

* Internal Links Check – This is a WordPress plug-in designed to show all internal links on your site and also ensure they are not broken. It also will suggest links to put after each new blog post.

* Spreadsheet – You can use an old-fashioned spreadsheet to keep track of every post and piece of content you put on your website or blog, with a link to the article as well as a list of the domains you link out to – whether affiliates or other sites.

* – This is a free site that will check your links to ensure they are not broken. In the meantime they will list every link on your site based on the domain you enter. You can enter new pages anytime to check the links on your page:

* Check My Links – This is a Chrome plug-in that enables you to check links on your site. It will find all the links on a webpage and make sure each one is valid and not broken. Once installed, when you use Chrome a H logo will appear on the tool bar. Click it and watch it work. The out of date or broken links will appear in red or black and the good links will appear in green.

Conducting a link inventory and audit on occasion will pay off for you because you can ensure that only quality sites are linking to you, and that you are only linking to quality sites. Plus you want to always be sure that links remain working and are not broken.

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