Have you considered promoting your business through YouTube Live video streaming, YouTube is fast becoming a popular social media platform among Internet marketers. This is not surprising since YouTube has more than a billion users worldwide.
YouTube videos enjoy more than 4 million views daily. Out of these views, about 1 million are from mobile devices. This means people find time to watch video clips even when they are on the go.
Product advertising has shifted over the past years to social media platforms. From static photos and write-ups, the trend is now shifting to videos. Video clips provide a three-dimensional product view, which is almost as good as holding it in your hands.
Consumers prefer the convenience of purchasing products online. However, some doubts remain about suitability and preference for a more in depth look into the product features. YouTube Live marketing campaigns can address this issue, right at the moment when the interest of the viewer has been captured.
What Makes YouTube Live an Effective Marketing Tool,
YouTube Live broadcasts make effective product presentations. You can create videos to address the questions that consumers usually ask about a product that you promote. Unlike video posts, live streams give you the opportunity to communicate with interested viewers in real time.
YouTube Live provides instant interaction between you and your viewers. If you engage in email marketing as most ecommerce business owners do, you will notice that certain questions about your product and services are always asked. A video live stream can address all of these questions, as well as others that may arise from your answers.
You can use the YouTube Live chat feature to have direct interaction with interested viewers. Certainly, there are risks associated with doing live broadcasts, for example dealing with skeptical viewers. However, the benefits that you can reap from venturing into this platform put you into a better position to understand what consumers want.
You have a captured audience of interested viewers during a live stream. You can convert these viewers into customers in a manner similar to how sales professionals in brick and mortar establishments clinch sales. Your enthusiasm about your products and your prompt replies to viewer concerns are your tools for turning views into conversions.
How to Prepare Your YouTube Live Broadcasts
Enable your YouTube account for live streaming by creating your channel. It is advisable to do this from your Gmail and Google accounts. Just tap on the Create Channel link if you are using a mobile device. YouTube provides options for creating a channel in your name or for your business and brand. Select an option, and then follow the prompts.
In creating your channel, you are bound to follow the YouTube terms of use. This means following the restrictions imposed by the platform against copyright violations and offensive contents. If you are launching a marketing campaign, avoid the use of copyrighted materials because this can result to your video being removed or blocked.
Plan your first YouTube Live event well. Invite your friends and family in a test broadcast. This will give you the feel of live streaming. Tweak the privacy settings to restrict who can view the video stream and participate in the live chats. Though this is a rehearsal, tell your friends to ask tough questions to prepare you for future live streams.
As a beginner, you have to hone your hosting skills. This means being ready with quick answers and clever responses. Know all the key features of the product you are promoting and prepare responses to even the most unlikely questions. Product reviews and comments from customers provide a wealth of information that you have to look into.
For every new video streaming project, it is worthwhile to go into a rehearsal or test broadcast. You can stop rehearsals and go directly into YouTube Live broadcast when you have polished your skills and gained confidence in hosting. Your first live stream is always the hardest, but you have to take this step to make your business a success.
How to Use the YouTube Live Dashboard
You can broadcast live on YouTube from your mobile device or right from your webcam. Under the Events option, you can set a start time for your YouTube Live broadcast. You can select the privacy settings to invite only your followers or open your broadcast to the public. If you have blog site, you can announce the date and time of the live streams. Alternatively, you can send email invitations to your target audience.
To do this, click on Events in the YouTube menu under Video Manager. You have to do this in your desktop or laptop because the Info and Settings tab is still not available on mobiles and tablets. Click on the New Live Event, and then fill up the Basic Info tab.
The Basic Info requires that you provide a title, including descriptions and tags, for your video. Since you will engage in live streams, you have to include start and end times. YouTube Live supports simultaneous live streams. However, keep in mind that you have to individually stop and start each live stream.
If you plan to do multiple live streams, check your network and encoding resources. Your bandwidth and encoders must have the capability to handle simultaneous events. YouTube provides a Live Streaming checklist that appears at the top right of the YouTube Live dashboard. It is an excellent guide for setting up your first live event.
How to Engage Your Viewers and Get Immediate Feedback with Youtube Live
Activate your Chat Window to engage with your viewers. The window is located right below the YouTube Live Streaming Checklist. You and your viewers can interact via this window during your broadcast. This is also where you will see the emoticons from viewers? response.
After the Event, you can view the engagement of your viewers from the Analytics button. You can access the analytics when you click on any live event that you have streamed.
Your YouTube Live broadcast is included in your regular video uploads. Depending on the privacy settings for the event, it can be viewed by the public, or by your selected audience.
You can further expand your YouTube Live marketing campaign by downloading your video for sharing to other social platforms. This means every single live broadcast, even to just a selected number of viewers, can reach more potential customers when the file is shared by your followers.

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