Choosing the right keywords is an essential part of marketing your business online, regardless of the methods you choose to promote your business. Whether you are running pay per click (PPC) campaigns, content marketing, or engaging in social media marketing, keywords are important factors to consider.

If you have good keywords that you want to put to use in your marketing campaigns, that means you’ve taken the time to conduct keyword research so you know that the keywords you want to use have profit potential provided you use them right.
Let’s assume that you done the work and have created a list of relevant keywords that are highly searched for, but that right now deliver poor results for searchers. All you need to do now is use them right to improve your page rank and get more business.

Regardless of what type of marketing you use, there are right ways and wrong ways to use keywords.

Optimize Keywords

Typically, if you’ve done your research you’ve identified websites that are competitors who are using the keywords you want to use, but they’re using them poorly. If you know the right way to optimize for that particular keyword or keyword phrase then you can easily take over ranking for that word. Optimized keywords are placed correctly as titles, headers, sub headlines and anchor text as well as in active (HTML) text.

Keywords Fit the Content

You can’t force a good keyword to fit your niche. During the research process you should have thrown out any keywords that just can’t fit and won’t fit and wouldn’t make sense to use. The days of adding keywords like “sex” to a site about dog toys is over. You want to create content that the keywords naturally fit into without looking as if you stuffed the keywords into existing content without any mind to whether or not the content provides any value to the customer.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

Today it’s entirely possible to accidentally stuff your article with too many of the same keyword. You really don’t want more than 2 percent of your article to be made up of any one keyword or keyword phrase. In fact, using any keyword or keyword phrase more than three times including the anchor text, headlines and sub headlines might be too much. Make sure the text flows when reading it aloud.

Don’t Use the Same Keywords All the Time

Keyword research is an ongoing proposition. Starting with a hundred keywords is a good idea but you want to eventually work your way into using thousands of keywords and keyword phrases. You don’t want to only rank for one set of keywords; you want to rank for many different sets of keywords that are relevant to your audience, your products and services.

If a keyword, no matter how competitive, doesn’t fit with your audience, don’t use it. No matter how tried and true any keyword research tool is, it’s best to use your best judgment when it comes to keyword usage. You are the one who knows your audience best, and that is what will help you ensure that you use keywords correctly when it comes to marketing.

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