Are you aware that most people don’t backup their sites? Are you also aware that most people don’t know that they should or even how to backup a WordPress site, and you can in fact charge a monthly fee to do this for them. If you have an offline client which means they run a local business and don’t care about what happens on their website you could charge upwards of $50 a month and if you have an online client you can charge them $10 a month or higher to make sure their blog is safe.

All you have to do is log into their site, back it up and store it in a safe place and have the backup ready in case they need to restore the entire site or just find an old file. It’s very, very reasonable to charge someone $50 a month or $10 a month just to run backups for them. Just to put it in your schedule once a week or once a month to log in, make that backup and store it somewhere safe. Most people don’t want to do it and don’t care about doing it. But in fact this is something they very badly need to do, is backup their site and put it somewhere, in a safe place, where it can be recovered if the worst happens.

What do you have to do for this kind of service? Very simple, log in, back it up and store it in Amazon S3 or in Dropbox, or even on your local hard drive. Many people I see will provide special packages to offline businesses and they will say, you don’t have a website but I’ll make you a website, I’ll maintain it, I’ll pay the monthly webhosting and in addition I will also backup this site so that you will never lose it. Just doing this allows you to charge a much higher monthly fee, sometimes $250 a month just to keep paying the webhosting and keep backing it up and storing it in a safe place.

What’s great about you backing up their site on a regular basis is that if they accidently deleted something, or even you delete something, then we can easily go back and get that file. If the whole, entire website has gone, that works too. You can restore the entire backup instantly with one click. But the idea is that you are doing this weekly task, this chore, that they don’t want to do. It doesn’t matter if it only requires one click, this is a technical skill that they are not aware of. They don’t know how to do or how important it is and you are doing it for them. You are providing this backup service. You are charging a monthly fee to log in, backup and store that backup in a safe place, and have it available either to recover the entire site or just recover one file, or one piece of content they might have lost.

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