Now that you’ve decided to go ahead with a YouTube Live stream, you’ll need to make sure that you’ll be able to get the best results from your campaign. I’ll walk you through the little known tactics that can improve the overall results of your live video marketing efforts. Remember, many of your ideal customers and prospects are most likely included in the more than 1 billion YouTube users out there!
So, let’s start out by squaring away some basic stuff. Once we get these things out of the way, you’ll be able to better focus on your YouTube Live campaigns.
How Can You Create an Ideal Customer Profile,
1. You need to really know your target audience before you create YouTube Live streams. Don’t do anything else before you create a profile of your ideal customers!
? A basic profile should include the gender, age, location and relevant interests of your target audience;
? Start from those details, and gradually work your way to more specific information about your ideal customers and prospects; and
? Find out where they’re hanging out online, what they’re exactly looking for in relation to your content, the apps and tools that they regularly use on the Internet, how they react and what they expect from an online video that’s relevant to their interests.
2. You should also create a profile of your direct competitors. You’ll be able to learn a lot of things that can be very helpful for optimizing your YouTube Live campaigns.
? Focus on your competitors with websites and YouTube channels that are very popular to your target audience;
? Use competitor analytics tools to identify the traffic generation methods that are driving steady streams of targeted prospects to their websites and YouTube channels; and
? Once you determine their best traffic generation methods, check out the advertising platforms, referring sites and social networks that they use for their campaigns. There might be possible advertising and content placement opportunities for you in those places.
3. Non-competing businesses for possible content placement, advertising and affiliate partnerships can significantly help your YouTube Live campaigns. Imagine partnering up with a business that can announce your YouTube Live streams to their thousands of subscribers!
? Focus on finding partners with non-competing Web properties that are still very popular to your target audience; and
? Also use competitor analytics tools to find out their best traffic generation methods for their Web properties. This’ll allow you to confirm if it’d be viable for you to partner up with them for a mutually beneficial deal.
To summarize, you need to create a profile of your ideal customers and prospects. You should also create a profile of your direct competitors, and another profile of possible partners.
So now, we move on to the things that you must do to optimize your YouTube Live campaigns. Here they are:
How to Tweak Your YouTube Live Campaigns to Generate Ideal Results
1. Give your ideal customers and prospects the exact video content that they want. Use the details of your target audience profile to determine the main topics of your YouTube Live streams. With those details, you can also craft your live video streams in ways that can compel your target customers to engage with your live video streams!
2. Create captivating titles and enticing descriptions for your YouTube Live streams. Also include interesting thumbnails in your live video streams. Your objective is for your YouTube Live video streams to successfully grab the attention of your target audience and compel them to watch it. Again, your target audience profile details will be really helpful in this regard.
3. Enter relevant tags into your YouTube Live video streams. This can help your YouTube Live videos to be listed in YouTube?s Video recommendations. Your target audience will be able to see your YouTube Live video streams while they’re watching other videos in YouTube. That can drive organic traffic for your video streams!
4. Identify the tags of popular videos that are relevant to your YouTube Live streams. Your direct competitor profile and prospect partner profile will significantly help you identify videos that get a lot of views from your ideal customers. Find out the tags that they’re using for their videos. Use those tags for your live video streams. Your videos can be listed as a recommended video when your target audience is watching the videos of your direct competitors and prospect partners!
5. Promote your YouTube Live streams in the social networks that are driving significant traffic to relevant Web properties and YouTube channels. Use the profile details of your ideal customers, direct competitors and prospect partners to identify these social networks. You’ll be able to maximize the results of your advertising campaigns in those social networks when you do this!
6. Place remarketing and retargeting code in the landing page of your ads for your YouTube Live stream airings. You’ll be able to cookie your target audience and promote your YouTube Live stream ads to them a few hours before your scheduled airing!
7. Also place an irresistible opt-in subscription offer in your landing page for your ads. You’ll be able to grow your subscriber list while simultaneously promoting the scheduled airing of your YouTube Live stream. You’ll also be able to remind your subscribers about your YouTube Live streams a few hours before you run it!
8. During your YouTube Live stream, use YouTube?s live chat feature to engage in friendly discussions with your viewers. Entice them to participate in your live video stream. You can integrate a question and answer section in your YouTube Live stream to do this.
9. While your YouTube Live stream is ongoing, you should regularly check YouTube?s Stream Health tab. This can give you real time data about possible issues with your live video streams. This can in turn allow you to avoid more serious problems by giving you the chance to fix issues early on.
10. A few minutes before you end your YouTube Live stream, announce your next scheduled airing to your viewers. Also remind them to subscribe to your YouTube channel and sign up to your mailing list to receive subscriber-only content.
That’s how you can optimize your YouTube Live video streams and generate the best results from your video marketing efforts using this platform. Just remember to create a backup copy of your live video stream. You’ll be able to use it as an opt-in offer for getting more subscribers!

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