I know that I heard about backups and backup plugins for many years before actually using them and I regretted waiting as long as I did, because in the meantime I lost websites and I lost files. If I had simply run a backup every week I would not have had to worry about lost information. I wouldn’t have to worry about getting hacked, clicking a button, deleting files, deleting websites, deleting content. It all would have been safely stored in a backup somewhere.

If you are hesitating about using a WordPress backup plugin, or even hesitating about buying a WordPress backup plug in, consider the time wasted. Consider the payments coming in everyday to your business and consider the hard earned content that you spent a lot of time creating such as video. First of all, if you spent two minutes a week backing up your WordPress site then that’s time well spent, because you’re safeguarding against anything that might have gone wrong.

On the other hand, if you don’t backup and you have a website online for three years. For three years the site for some reason goes down and you don’t have that site. Now you’ve lost three years of your life. Is it worth it to put in two minutes a week to save three years of your life? I think it is and if you have that attitude then you really won’t mind getting a backup plugin, using a backup plug in and creating backups on a regular basis.

The next thing to know, this concerns me, is if I’m selling information or I’m using WordPress as a shopping cart or as a membership site. I need to make sure that people who have paid for things still get access. If someone is paying me on a recurring monthly basis and the site goes away, not only have I lost my site, I’ve lost my monthly recurring income. In many cases there’s no way to get it back. If someone is paying you on a recurring basis and there is a certain transaction ID and a certain number associated with that person paying you month after month. It’s very difficult to set up the site exactly the way it was and associate that person paying monthly to that user account they had on your WordPress site.

On the other hand, if you had made a WordPress backup after that person starting paying you monthly then you can restore that backup. Now when they’re paying you monthly they still get credit for those payments they are making for you.

Have you ever recorded a one hour or two hour, or a three hour video only to accidently delete it or find out it wasn’t recording properly? I have and it’s even worse to have the best video you’ve ever made. To have it come out perfectly and be online, and everyone loves it but then you accidently delete it or something happens to it. This way, now that you’ve backed up that video and restored it later, you can get it back and it’ll never go away. You’ll never lose it no matter what from this point in time forward.

Go ahead right now and get a backup plug because you know you need it. You know that otherwise you’re going to waste time, you’re going to lose money and you’re going to lose your best content. Grab the Backup Creator plugin for WordPress right away at

http://backupcreator.com/bc/?e=joshua shoemaker

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