If you spend any time whatsoever searching through Google or
other search engines, you have probably come across a website
known as Yahoo answers.

Yahoo answers is a great site where users can post questions on
just about any topic imaginable, and then other registered users
will respond with their best answers.

As we said, the topics are many and varied, and they include
everything from sports to health and fitness to topics about

The user who posted the original question can select the best
answer from the bunch, and this answer will be highlighted on
that webpage.

Users can earn points by answering other people’s questions, and
believe it or not some people really get into this by
accumulating thousands of points over time!

How exactly can you use this for traffic?
Well, one simple method is to include a reference or source at
the bottom of your answer (in other words, a link to your

Not every post on Yahoo answers has this kind of link, but many
people do include a link to Wikipedia or other websites that have
additional information on the topic.

All you have to do is include a simple link that will lead people
to a webpage of yours that contains additional information on
this specific topic, but you do have to follow some guidelines
and be careful.
The members of this website can get angry and report you if they
believe that you’re simply spamming the website for inbound links
and sales messages.

If you’re going to use Yahoo Answers to generate traffic, we
recommend spending a little bit of time each day and slowly build
your content.

You should answer a variety of questions and also post questions
of your own that don’t include any links to your website.

You can also occasionally link to other websites like Wikipedia.

You will, of course, link to your own website as well, but you
want to be careful to make things look more natural.

Above all, be sure to provide useful answers in your posts
instead of just providing a link to your website.

Joshua Shoemaker


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