Essentially, Viral Reports are pdf reports created specially by
you for the people in your target market in order for them to be
passed along to others.

Your viral report must be interesting, entertaining in some way
or have a spark, in order to be well received by the public and
therefore bring more traffic to your site or blog.

The report is usually free of charge, generally acting as a lead
in to your paid services or other products.

Viral reports are part of viral marketing, which is one of the
top ways to market your business, whether it is in person or

How To Generate Traffic Using Viral Reports

The first thing to do before launching a viral report is to
research your market in order to find a good subject.

Finding a good idea that will spread like a virus can be done by
visiting online forums, blogs, and other social websites

You have to write something people are highly interested in order
to generate tons of traffic to your site, using the viral reports

The next step is to create the actual viral report with your
affiliate link placed in multiple places in the article

A good tip is include a statement in this article, explaining
users that this information can be passed along to whomever they
choose to.

The next step is to ensure that the viral report gets into the
hands of certain people who will definitely redistribute it

One of the best ways to distribute your viral report is to create
a buzz on forums, discussing the experiences you had, related to
the topic you’ ve covered in the report.

And finally, one of the best ideas of How To Generate Traffic
Using Viral Reports is to avoid including a long and flowery
language in your report, because people prefer a concise and
well- written one.

Joshua Shoemaker

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