is a website where you can easily upload your video
once, then it is automatically sent out to several different
video sharing sites.

Using will help you to easily save about a half
day’s worth of work just for one video that you’ ll upload.

This is very advantageous, especially as is free to

How To Generate Traffic Using is the perfect tool to generate high- quality
traffic to your site, especially if you don’ t have enough
money for a paid distribution service like the common Traffic

The first step before uploading your video is to use outstanding feature of squeezing your files down to

Most video sharing sites limit you to 100 MB per video, but Tube
Mogul will allow you to upload videos up to 300 MB, shrinking
them even further for a better compliance with other video sites
on which your video will be shared.

With traffic analytics, an amazing feature of, you
can easily compare and keep in evidence your videos, and see
which one brought you the most traffic on your blog or site.

These reports that come in form of pie charts and graphs can be
e- mailed to anyone you choose in order to compare notes.

The internet video is all about traffic, so a good tracking,
which is greatly improved by, is critical.

The most amazing part of all is that the 12 video sharing
platforms in which shares your video are the
biggest: YouTube,, Google video, Daily,
AOL Video etc.

Your video has to be good- quality and interactive in order to
attract the internet users that are eager to discover your
products or services.

And lastly, don’ t forget to track your own videos and the users
feedback, in order to improve your marketing campaigns.

Joshua Shoemaker

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