Squidoo is an online, popular website, which allows users to
create lenses that are actually pages to convey content on
various topics.

Squidoo is used widely by website owners and online marketers for
its ability to attract a large amount of viewers and direct
traffic to accompanying webpages.

When using Squidoo to generate traffic to your webpage, it is
important to match the Squidoo lens to the genre of your topic.

For example, if you have a site selling pet clothing, create a
lens on Squidoo with pet clothing or photos of pets to make the
lens more relevant to your site.

An attractive, user-friendly Squidoo page can garner more
visitors than one that is bland and run-of-the-mill.

Create a hyperlink for your site on the Squidoo lens on the first
and last paragraph of the page, this gives viewers the ability to
visit your site after reading the Squidoo lens description.

With a hyperlink on your Squidoo lens, you ensure that people
have access to the site you want to promote, generating even more
organic traffic.

Statistics show that sites on the front page of Google have a 95%
chance of being clicked, while sites on the second page of Google
have only a 5% chance of being clicked.

Use exciting and informative content on your Squidoo lens to
attract and maintain a constant slew of visitors, with all the
content available on the Web, you want to stand out, be unique
and give visitors something refreshing, which can only help
generate more traffic to your site.

Use Squidoo marketing to place a sticky note on your lens or make
use of a module to direct visitors to your site, always make it
appear naturally and following text that describes the genre and
niche of your site and why visitors should view it.

Joshua Shoemaker


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