LinkedIn is a great social networking site that if used properly,
can help increase your website traffic.

Not only do you have to create a LinkedIn profile, you also have
to submit the name and the link of your business website to the
Website Section of LinkedIn so that people visiting your profile
can visit your site too.

Keeping the LinkedIn status message constantly updated with a few
words about the things you work on or the product or services you
offer helps generate website traffic.

Make sure you add the blog link widget to your LinkedIn profile
so that it automatically informs your profile visitors about the
latest blog and Twitter updates you make.

Just becoming a member of LinkedIn will not help generate website
traffic; you have to be active with regular visits to the site
and constant update of your profile.

By joining various groups related to your field of work, you
increase your website visibility and also draw in more traffic to
your site.

You have to apply to a group in LinkedIn before you can become a
member of it; so make sure you select only groups with many
members in it so that your site gets maximum exposure and

Answering some of the questions posted in the LinkedIn website
helps draw traffic to your site.

Start group discussions by posting interesting questions to the
group or by offering helpful information that is perhaps located
in your site, and use this as a means of gaining exposure for
your business.

You have to increase the number of LinkedIn contacts you have by
asking other members of LinkedIn to become your contacts.

Once you develop the number of LinkedIn contacts you have, you
have to send them messages to try and understand their needs and
if you have something they may be interested in, you could slowly
offer them a solution to their problem.

These tips will help you dramatically increase your website
traffic just by becoming a part of the social networking site,

Joshua Shoemaker

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