If you need more traffic to your website (and who doesn’t,
honestly), you should definitely consider forum marketing as an
additional source of potential customers.

Discussion forums are great, and they’re available in a variety
of different niches from dog training to music to Internet

The thing about forum marketing, however, is that you have to be
very careful and take the right approach so you don’t anger your
fellow forum members and even risk getting banned from the forum.

The best thing you can do is to become a member and start giving
as much useful information as you can.

You can simply go through the forum and look for questions from
other members you can answer, and then you would simply provide
helpful and relevant information that other readers will

Of course, if you have your own questions about a topic, you can
certainly add these as well as this will further contribute to
the overall discussion and community.

The whole idea here is that you’re not going to put any sales
messages directly in your post, but instead you’re going to
develop a reputation as something of an expert who is willing to
help out the people in this market.

Members of the forum will be able to visit your website by simply
clicking on the link in your signature, so this is a really low
key and safe way to promote your website and get more targeted
traffic from people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Just make sure to follow all of the rules of each particular
forum especially when it comes to your signature and whether or
not you can include affiliate links or other kinds of promotions
in your actual post.

If you focus on helping others consistently day in and day out
over the long-term, they will gradually take notice and visit
your website.

Joshua Shoemaker


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