The best way to get Delicious links and increase your website
traffic is by actively participating in the Delicious site and by
sharing, tagging and managing its bookmarks.

Be the first person and use descriptive tags and anchor text to
bookmark your site on Delicious, so that you can control the
anchor text keyword that is associated with the link.

Find as many friends from the Delicious network so that you can
get them to bookmark your site and thus help increase your web

Once your link has many people bookmarking it, Delicious
automatically puts up an ‘Everyone’s Bookmarks for’ page for the
link which when clicked, prominently displays your website link
on top.

Make sure you have original and quality content on your site that
will attract other users and make them tag it.

By establishing relationships and building a reputation as an
active bookmarker that has quality bookmarks in your Delicious
network, there is a high chance of other users adding you to your
network and thus, increasing your website traffic.

By downloading and installing the Delicious toolbar to your
personal browser, you can use it whenever you come across a site
worth sharing, tagging or bookmarking when you surf the web.

Make sure you display your bookmarks in your blog using Delicious
widgets found in blogging software so that your bookmarks are
automatically shown on the blog sidebar.

Place your Delicious links in the email messages you send to
recipients of your email marketing campaign.

With the help of third party tools like Tweecious, you can
automatically share your Delicious bookmarks with other social
media sites like Facebook.

Sharing your Delicious bookmarks out of the Delicious system
helps in generating more traffic to your site and increasing your
website’s online exposure.

With the help of these tips, you will soon experience the traffic
generating potential of the great social bookmarking tool,

Joshua Shoemaker

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