Earning the attention of your audience is an ongoing process – one that transcends location. You’ll need to earn attention online, offline, and in between to make the most impact. You can earn attention from the type of content that you share on every channel. The content should be consistent, relevant and truly represent you and your business.

Build Consistency across All Channels

Whether it’s an author’s profile, a social media profile or your guest blogger bio, it’s imperative that how you represent yourself is consistent across all different mediums. You don’t want to confuse anyone as to who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

In addition, consistency can relate to the frequency by which you distribute content for your audience. It needs to be ongoing and regular in order to be effective. Studies show that blogging at least 20 times per month leads to at least 55 percent more traffic. (Source: HubSpot.com)

Create Relevant Content with Your Audience in Mind

If the content you’re sharing across all channels is not relevant to your audience, you’re wasting your time. Sure, it’s fun to share a funny cat picture sometimes, but if you cannot relate it to your business, best leave that for your personal accounts and not your business accounts.

Those who trusted you enough to connect with you are expecting a certain amount of professionalism and for you to stick to the subject matter at hand. This is especially true on social media where your audience will not hesitate to tell you when you’re way off the mark.

Develop a Story That Is a True Representation of Your Business

Don’t pass around a fake story. The internet is full of real people, with real stories, so there’s no point in making one up that is not true. Your story is important – no need to embellish it. Plus, if people found out you lied or embellished you will have a real hard time (if it’s even possible at all) reconnecting with people and earning their attention again. You really only get one chance. Just be the best you, and tell the best real story of you and your business that you have.

Finally, be willing to take a little risk occasionally. While consistency is needed in your message, how you deliver the message can take many different forms. You don’t have to settle for being boring or even become “expected” – instead you can combine consistency with taking a risk now and then with a controversial headline, or by jumping out of your comfort zone to host a live event, for example.

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