First, it’s important to realise that email marketing is about conversions more than attraction. Your list-building campaign is about attraction; your email marketing is about making connections and building trust so that they convert to clients. All marketing campaigns start with pretty much the same requirements: understanding your goals and knowing your audience.

Attraction is made up of various events such as blogging regularly, participating in social media, and offering something of value in exchange for a potential client’s email address. Once the lead signs up, attraction continues with your willingness and ability to deliver something of value to their inbox.

A converting email marketing campaign incorporates the following components.

Audience Segmentation

The people on your various email lists are there from a particular place or due to particular event. They either signed up for your free item, low cost item, via social media or they are actually already a client. At the very least, separate your email list members between buyers and those who have not purchased yet. Segmentation allows you to personalize the messages going to your list members, which will help you attract more paying clients.

Compelling, Well-Made Content

Create content that speaks directly to your list members. Targeted, relevant, and valuable messages tailored directly to the specific audience will be effective in converting the curious into a customer. Once they’ve converted, it’s important to move them to the buyer’s list and off the lead list. Content can’t be that compelling if it’s not targeted correctly.

Frequently Delivered Content

Your audience needs to receive regular email updates from you. Believe it or not – no matter how excited your audience was to sign up for your list, if you don’t contact them with valuable information on a regular basis, you’ll lose them. Contact them at least weekly, if not daily, but only if you have good information to share that adds value to their life.

Frequent Tests of Effectiveness

At every stage of your marketing campaign, it’s important to conduct tests. Test two headlines; test open rates; test reaction to your call to action; test your deliverability rate. When you test something, note what can be improved upon, then seek to improve it immediately. If you improve upon everything as you move forward, you’ll make your email marketing campaign that much more successful.

Continuous List-Building Activities

You should always be conducting activities to build your list with targeted members. The more people who want what you have to offer that sign up for your list, the more likely you are to convert them to actual clients. It’s a mathematical fact that the more people you attract to your email list, the more people you’ll attract as a client. It’s in the numbers and it’s the truth.

When you work to improve your email marketing based on facts learned when you check your metrics and test your assumptions, you will create a customer attraction email marketing magnet. You’ll convert more sign-ups to paying customers over time.

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