Marketing products and services on the Internet started with emails and blogs. From these platforms, the trend moved into social media sites through web and video links. The latest development in this dynamic field is the move towards video content marketing.
YouTube Live is a premier platform for video content marketing. YouTube videos enjoy a staggering 4 billion daily views worldwide. You should seriously consider launching YouTube Live broadcasts to tap this potential and grow your business.
More consumers prefer the convenience of purchasing online. They key-in searches for goods and services automatically rather than use the phone or go to shops. A good blog site is definitely an excellent tool for Internet marketing. However, live video streaming is better because it levels-up your engagement with your audience.
YouTube Live video streams give you the opportunity to engage your audience in real time. A blog or a social media post can generate hundreds or thousands of likes and queries. However, you do not get the opportunity to engage with your audience. Audience engagements result to high conversions.
How to Develop a Greater Audience for Your Products and Services
You can engage in YouTube Live video streams following a few simple steps. Free live streaming is not a new Internet concept. It just happened that some marketers believe that video production is a complex process. With technology advances and the launch of several video streaming platforms, video content marketing is now easier.
It is highly desirable to launch your Internet marketing campaign in YouTube Live because it is the most popular video sharing and viewing site. Furthermore, the platform is user-friendly, and the videos are available for playback in different viewing platforms.
YouTube has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Statistics also show that the number of hours that viewers become engaged in watching videos increase by about 50% every year. Streaming video in YouTube Live will bring your marketing campaign to millions of viewers who are prospective customers.
YouTube Live streaming is cost-effective. A creative video with catchy and interesting tag lines can capture a substantial audience. The advantages of this popular platform include the feature for sharing in social media and embedding videos on websites. Your audience grows progressively from video shares and likes.
Since YouTube is owned by Google, your videos have better chances of being ranked routinely in Google searches. The routine Google ranking and the easy process of sharing YouTube Live streams in other social media sites makes it a very desirable platform for video content marketing.
How to Set Up YouTube Live Broadcast Software

First, create a YouTube account in your name, or in the name of your business or the brand that you promote. Create a channel to enable your account for live streaming. You can execute these operations using your Gmail or Google accounts.
Second, before going into YouTube Live streaming – You have to set up your encoding software. The encoding software captures video content from your camera, microphone, or your desktop computer for YouTube Live broadcasts. Verified YouTube broadcast software features the YouTube logo and integrates seamlessly with the app.
Some verified software broadcast options include Wirecast Go for iOS devices for broadcasting live from your iPhone. For Android devices, the AirServer app for Windows and Mac mirrors both Android and iOs devices to YouTube.
Alternatively, you can install the open source Open Broadcast Software for video recording and live streaming, or opt for alternative encoding software. YouTube allows the use of unverified encoding software. However, you have to complete set-up operations to configure the encoder to the YouTube recommended encoding settings.
Third, configure your encoder for the Stream now YouTube Live broadcast option. Copy the server URL and stream name/key into the encoder. For Live Events, copy the broadcast entry points from YouTube Ingestion Settings to the encoder. Entry points include Stream Name, Primary server URL, and the Backup Server URL.
All About YouTube Live Broadcasts and Streams
After setting up your YouTube account and channel and configuring your encoder, you are now ready to go into your first YouTube Live broadcast. Keep in mind that YouTube Live is a business tool to boost product sales. And like most tools, you have to understand how it works and know the different features to get the best results.
Access the YouTube Live dashboard by clicking on your profile picture. Then, click on the button for Creator Studio. If you are using the Open source Software, click on your audio and video capture devices, which can be your desktop or a webcam. Next, click on Start Streaming and your first broadcast is on.
YouTube Live allows you to set the privacy settings of every broadcast. You can do as many test broadcasts as you want, and then refine the contents after every preview. Choose members of your family and friends to view test broadcasts. Their feedbacks are useful for improving content and you get the chance to practice your hosting skills.
You can monitor your test broadcasts from the YouTube Live Control Room feature. Use a desktop or laptop since this feature is not available on mobile and tablet. The viewers that you allowed from the app privacy setting will see your live stream. They can engage you or provide feedback on the chat box.
How to Refine Your Content and Hosting Skills
YouTube Live is an excellent platform for engaging your audience in real time. The quality of your engagement depends on the content of the video, your hosting skills, and your readiness to answer questions and issues about your brand.

Before you engage in YouTube Live streaming, have a clear goal for the broadcast. If it is to introduce a new product, have a good product video ready for streaming. If you want to answer questions and comments from your blog site or email responses, mentioning the names of those who raised these issues is a good practice.
In live streaming, you will be multitasking as the host and chat moderator. Do not be distracted by live-streaming issues like mixed sound directions. Keep yourself focused on your planned content, and deliver your full message. At the start of streaming, set down a few rules for handling audience feedback.
Your engagement with your audience can be enhanced if you provide unexpected discount codes or giveaways. More important, this will keep them watching your broadcast until you have said everything about your brand and addressed every concern.

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