When I’m talking about cloning a WordPress site, I’m saying that you can back up your site and restore an exact copy of it in a new location. When most people think about copying or cloning a WordPress site, they think about cloning a site with content or a blank site with a bunch of settings changed around. But did you know that you can clone a WordPress site not only with content but also with drip content, with paying members? Every single thing that you can do in a WordPress site can be duplicated exactly when you clone it. There are a few simple things that you can do to make this happen.

First of all install your membership plugin, add the key, add your content, add your members, make sure it’s all protected and then clone it, back it up, restore it in a new location, and remove whatever members or whatever content is no longer needed. The first step that you need to take with most WordPress membership software is to, first of all, install it and because the best WordPress membership software such as WishList Member cost money you will need a license key which they provide to you after you buy it. Install the plugin and add your license key and now that membership site is online.

What do you do now that the actual plugin is enabled? You need to add content, you need to add your members, and you need to protect that content. Adding content is very easy. Just go to post, add new, choose your title, choose your content, choose the date it should be published, choose which category it goes under, and even add a category if one does not exist.

If you need to import members or you need to get them to sign up or even pay you money to get into that membership site, add whatever those members are and do whatever protection you need to have. With many membership plugins there are these things called levels where a member belongs to a level and a level has access to certain content. Set it all up, put in that membership plugin, the content and protect it and now you’re ready to clone it somewhere else.

Cloning is very simple. It sounds complicated but it just means you’re clicking the one button to back it all up, you’re going to a new WordPress site and restoring it. Now that it’s restored, you can remove anything you want. You can use a plugin called Bulk Delete and delete all the comments or all the posts. You can go to that membership plugin and select all the members and delete them from the new site. So, you have all the same settings but you don’t have all the same members.

Maybe you might do some kind of mix of this. Maybe you might restore your blog and keep the content but not the members or you might keep the members, blow away the content and add new content. Either way, keep in mind that whatever you do in WordPress can be exactly copied in a new location, content only or members as well. This involves you installing a membership plugin and adding a key, adding content, adding members, and protecting it and finally, backup, restore, and remove any of your unneeded content and members.

The tool you’ll use to backup, restore and clone your WordPress site is available to you right at http://backupcreator.com/bc/?e=joshua shoemaker

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