You might have heard the saying, “Cloning a WordPress blog” or heard this term used before and you’re wondering what exactly does it mean?

It means that if you want to setup a new WordPress site for yourself or someone else, whether it’s a membership site, shopping cart, content site or any other kind of site, you don’t want to have to repeat more steps than you need to. Instead, create a template, which means setup your theme, plugins, settings, files and post exactly the way you want, back it up and go to a new location, a new website, a new folder and restore that blog in the new location. That is what cloning a WordPress blog is all about.

Many people who have been blogging for more than a few weeks have their own way of setting up their WordPress blog. They have themes or the designs they like better than others. They like certain colors schemes. They like to go in and they like to make the permalinks or the structure or their pages or the navigation a certain way. They like to put certain things on the widget sidebar and so on.

You should setup WordPress exactly in the way that makes sense to you because a free site, a blog that’s out in the open with lots of content is going to be structured differently than a paid course. Setup your site exactly in the template that you want. Whether that template means that it’s different for a certain niche or a certain purpose, set it up exactly the way you want.

This involves certain steps. You’re going to first of all choose a theme or design for your WordPress blog. There are many free themes but if you paid for one then use the one you’ve paid for. There are different plugins for search engine optimization, for functionality like forum plugins or for comments or for popups. You’re going to setup certain plugins and then set those settings for those plugins in a variety of different ways.

You’re going to be setting the settings for WordPress itself. For example, how comments are approved, how the posts look, how the dates look. You might be changing certain files. You’re going to be adding your own files, adding your own articles, your own videos, your own written content, but you’ll be setting up WordPress in your own specific way.

Once that site is setup exactly the way you want to, we get a WordPress backup plugin, back it up to one single file and setup a WordPress blog somewhere else. In many cases, this is going to be on a different website, different domain name, different web server entirely, and you will restore your backup in this new location.

Restoring basically restores the files in the database but that’s all you need because the files include the themes and the plugins and the database includes your tweaks, your settings, your customizations and your written and video content. That’s all there is to it.

Setup WordPress, tweak it out exactly the way you want to do it, back it up then restore it in a new location. That’s how you clone a WordPress blog and you can even save yourself hours, if not weeks of time making all these changes.

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