Being a productive person isn’t a quality that you are born with, but rather something that you have to work hard to obtain. Fortunately, increasing your productivity is something that you can learn with a little hard work. Here are five tips for improving your productivity and becoming more productive in your life.

Eliminate Certain Tasks
Permit yourself to ignore specific tasks. Don’t be afraid to say no to new duties and responsibilities. If your boss asks you to head up a committee at work, think long and hard about whether you have the extra hours to spend during the week working on it. If you don’t, then politely explain why you can’t help.

Take the time to set up a new system that allows you to save time in the future. It will be well worth it. Spend the time to set up automated bill-paying from your credit card or checking account, or consider investing in new technology at work to help you deal with some of the repetitive tasks.

Rather than spending your own precious time
tackling repetitive and unnecessary tasks, like checking your email, delegate the responsibility to someone you trust will prioritize the work and let you know when something urgent comes up. For this, to work, you have to accept that some of the tasks will be performed in a less than perfect way, but you’ll free up your time to work on more productive endeavors.

Procrastinate on Purpose
Permit yourself to put specific tasks aside, completing them only during your scheduled time. Trying to multitask will only cost you more time in the long run. Purposefully put off jobs that you know will be a distraction for those projects that you have to finish.

Protect Your Focus
Half the battle to becoming more productive is not feeling guilty when you say no, put off tasks, or delegate work to others. It is essential that you figure out a way to manage your guilt if you want to increase your productivity. Once you see how much more time you have to work on essential tasks and increase your productivity, the guilt will
start to dissipate.

If you want to increase your productivity and get more done, then you have to start looking closely at the habits that might be holding your back. Start implementing these five tips and watch as your productivity dramatically increases.

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