You work for weeks on your latest product only to have low ? or worse yet ? no sales.

What happened, You did your research and analysis so you thought you knew what the market wanted. Yet your product bombed and you wasted all that time creating a dud.

Could this have been prevented, Almost certainly, and here’s how:

Once you’ve done your research and you think you know what your market wants, create a mini-product. It might be a 7 to 12 page report, or a 20-30 minute video or audio. Solve a problem in that mini-product, and create it in one weekend, or preferably one afternoon.

For example, your research tells you that gardeners are dying to know how to grow a vegetable garden on their patio. Instead of making a full blown $37 course on how to do it, choose just ONE thing ? perhaps tomatoes ? and create a quick product that shows them exactly how to grow luscious tomatoes in a tiny area of space. (Or some such, you get the idea.)

Now offer that mini-product for sale at a mini price. What happens, If it sells, it tells you that you are on the right track and it’s time to get to work on your big product. If it doesn’t sell, you just saved yourself a whole lot of time and effort.

And you can take this one step further. Suppose your research gave you 5 great product ideas. Which one should you pursue, Rather than guessing, create 5 mini-products that solve one problem in each area, and then see which one outsells the others. THAT’S the one you should now create a big product around.

Time saved, A lot. But just as importantly, getting that mini-product out there and selling will also give you the motivation to work hard and fast on your big product, because now you know almost for certain that it will sell and sell well.

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