Almost any industry can benefit from adding Pinterest to their social media marketing mix. It doesn’t matter if you have a business that is local, national or international you can use Pinterest to engage your audience, get more traffic to your website or into your store, and ultimately to boost sales.

Here are some ideas of how to use Pinterest in various niche industries:

Real Estate — Pinterest is a no brainer when it comes to real estate. Any agent already knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. But pictures with links to more information in specific categories is even better. You can create many different categories of boards, such as a board providing links to tips for new homeowners, or a board showing pins with each member of your office, and more. I’m sure you can develop many ideas from here.

Travel — Using Pinterest to promote your travel business, or even your travel blog can do wonders for your business. Imagine the various boards you can create and all the pins that can go on each board. A quick brainstorm might be: Board with the category “Warm places” that you promote during cold weather. Each pin can be a different tropical paradise that links to a special you’re having for that location. Another board might be travel tips for the lone traveler. Only your imagination can stop you now.

Service Based Business — Yes, service based businesses can use Pinterest too. Pinterest is an excellent way to develop leads both local and multinational service businesses — from virtual assistants to bookkeepers. First, create a business account for Pinterest, then create different boards in all the categories you provide services. Create a compelling image with a few words that will compel users to click through to find out more. Link to all the solutions you provide your clients.

Marketers — Obviously, Pinterest is a boon for marketers because managing your clients’ Pinterest accounts can actually be a new avenue of money making via social media. You can offer to set up Pinterest accounts for other business owners, as well as keep them updated with relevant content. What could be better than that? Start with your local area with your ideas and move on from there.

Direct Sales — If you sell a product of any sort, you can market your wares on Pinterest. Do be sure to check the terms of service for your particular company, but essentially you can create a board for each category of product that your company promotes. Also think outside of the box for your boards to fit in with your niche. If you have sell makeup, for instance, you can give makeup tips. One board can be all about eye makeup, another can be about curing particular skin problems. I’m sure you get the idea.

Bloggers — Almost any type of blogger can use Pinterest to increase readership. It works especially well for blogging that involves some sort of visual element like arts, crafts, cooking, fitness, etc… Create boards for each category of your blog, and always include a top notch graphic as well as a “pin it” button on your blog. You can use the button yourself to place it with the appropriate link on the right boards in your Pinterest account.

Joshua Shoemaker

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