When an entrepreneur takes on a business he has to be ready for two things – internal and external factors. The market, atmosphere and related things are included in the external factors. These factors are external to the business and there is no means of controlling them. These are also the main risk causing factors and one does not have any choice but to adapt to them.

The external factors give the best openings but on the other hand are the biggest pressures. With the openings one can take the business to greater heights. The only thing required is to act in the right manner required at the right time. On the other hand the pressures can take the business to low, in case you are not strong enough to handle them. There are times can openings can take form of pressures and also pressures may turn into openings. It is only the way one looks at the things that come the way of the business.

All the positive and negative attributes of the entrepreneur and the business are the internal factors of the business. The way the personality of the entrepreneur develops it affects the business to a great extent. It is a strange fact that not much people understand. Everyone says that personal life must not be tied with the business, but the fact is that no matter how hard one tries it is very tough to separate the two. Though, it is not impossible to do so.

The entrepreneurs’ development affects the business as this is what determines how he/she would handle or take into account the external factors. This is what would determine how one faces the problems.

It is believed that if one learns how to move ahead and expand in the business then one can easily keep the personal life away while he/she is at work. Only those who suffer the disorder named multiple personality have the ability to do so in normal cases. One cannot let the personal life go at the time when he/ she is at business place. The business growth is related to that of the entrepreneur as how one takes into account the external factors is based on the individual personal character.

One can learn each and every thing in school but actual development of the individual happens when life teaches the important and practical lessons.
The development of the entrepreneurs starts from the childhood. The experiences one gains from the beginning are the ones that make ones personality. Those who are used to facing the hard troubles in life and taking them as challenges and coming out safely, for them business hardships are easy to be faced.

There are a few who gain this experience while they are into some jobs. This is why those who are experienced are far more successful than the beginners. Passing time in business teaches how clear the hurdles and understand the external factors. There are many entrepreneurs who say that they have lost sensitivity to the problems as they are like routine things now.

Joshua Shoemaker


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