Twitter is fast approaching becoming one of the best marketing tools for both online and offline businesses. In order to get the most out of your Twitter business account, you need to learn some high quality Twitter tricks and tips. Here are a few to get you started in launching your marketing campaign on Twitter:
Market your brand on Twitter and other media ? Getting your brand noticed is what it?s all about these days so you have to do it right. Be sure to tweet up-to-date and useful content about your company and then cross promote it on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, business websites, blogs, etc. Make sure the info is engaging and told using various methods like photos, text and videos.
Interact with your clients and customers ? People like to be able to connect a name of a business with a real human being. That?s why it?s vital to have a personal, yet professional picture of yourself in your Twitter profile. Also, be sure to interact with your followers by answering their questions, and addressing their concerns.
Don?t Forget About the Weekend ? Your followers are likely online a lot more over the weekends when they are home from their jobs. Therefore you need to be there with a presence as well. In fact, studies show that businesses get 17 percent more interactions on the weekends than during the weekdays. That means it may be a great idea to launch that new sale with a Saturday or Sunday tweet.
Retweeting Can Bring Big Benefits
Retweeting is a great tactic to get more interest aimed towards your business. If you retweet some sort of useful information, then others may start to also retweet your posts. This is a fantastic way to get more brand recognition and help you to become the ?go to? in your niche.
Be Sure to Complete Your Bio in Your Profile
When you make your Twitter account, be sure to totally complete your biography and then keep it up-to-date. Also, be sure to upload a current photo of yourself so that your followers can put a face to your company?s name.
Try Using Hashtags to Produce More Interest
Hashtags are those words and phrases that show up with a # sign beside of them like #Merry Christmas or whatever topic you are trying to raise interest in. They are a great way to organize your tweets so your followers will know that you are continuing a certain topic that they may be following in your posts.
Use Keyboard Shortcuts with Twitter
To save time while tweeting to your followers, you can use several popular keyboard shortcuts. Some of the best ones are ?R? for replying to a tweet, ?T? to retweet something, ?N? to make a new tweet, and ?M? to make a direct message. These tricks will help you to make your Twitter experience better and give you more time to read other tweets from your followers.
Use Twitter?s Advanced Search Techniques
Twitter now has more advanced search capabilities that are similar to the Google search engine. This makes it much easier to find things on Twitter. Plus, now you can also save searches on Twitter, thus making it easier to keep the data you need to use often like when you want to find certain keywords and phrases in your niche.
Put Twitter Followers into Categories
When you separate your followers, put them into appropriate categories. That helps you to find people easily and to see what groups like or dislike certain things and you can plan your tweets accordingly. Twitter has a feature that actually makes it easier for you to group followers into the categories you choose, so don?t neglect this option. You can choose all sorts of categories like co-workers, family, or by what they like or dislike.
Set Tweet Alerts
One of the updates to Twitter that was added recently is ability to set a tweet alert so you can be alerted when new tweets are posted by your followers. This can be very handy if you are closely following a certain new trend or development in your line of work. If for some reason you want to turn this off because you are busy, then just take a look in the settings and switch it off. You can turn it back on later when you are not so busy.
The facts are that Twitter is an extremely useful social media platform that can benefit all businesses large or small. If you learn the ins and outs of the best ways to use it, then Twitter can be the way that your business shoots to the top of the lists and starts making the profits you crave! So, be sure to use the above tricks and tips to better control your marketing strategies on Twitter.

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