What is it? According to their site, research shows that it’s hard to be creative in a totally quiet space. And, a very loud environment is also not beneficial.
But, a background like a coffee shop where there’s an background that’s a mix of “calm and commotion” is the perfect environment to think clearly and get stuff done.
Coffitivity is simply the background noise that you can play in your headset when the environment around you is less than ideal for working in.
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Unstoppable Productivity Software.
What is it? The Unstoppable Productivity Software works around the premise of keeping you totally focused for a set period of time. You set the amount of time that you want to write, say 45 minutes. Then the time goes off and you know it’s time to get up and grab some water and check on the dogs. Sit back down and repeat the process. The software keeps you accountable to yourself to get your to do list done in a fraction of the time.
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What is it? Fiverr is a marketplace where you can find people who will do just about anything for five bucks.
How can it help you to be more productive? The next time you need a graphic made (and you don’t have a graphics person to work with) – don’t try to figure it out on your own, go to Fiverr. Need a video edited or an audio transcribed, just head to Fiverr.
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Lumosity Â? Brain Training
What is it? Lumosity is a free online resource to help you to increase your memory, your brain’s speed and flexibility, and your overall problem solving capabilities.
And, it’s fun. Plus, you can use their app to play the brain games on the go.
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