All online marketers need to pay attention to trends in order to keep ahead of the marketing game. As technology advances, marketing tactics will naturally have to evolve. In fact, things change so fast that if you’re still doing the same thing you were just two years ago to market your business online, you’re not paying attention and you could be missing out on some great marketing opportunities.

1. Expect More Change in Search Engine Algorithms

Google is still the number one search engine with over 66 percent market share. Therefore, it’s imperative to pay attention to the changes that Google implements in terms of their search engine algorithms and what they deem important. They want to return relevant searches to their users, while also creating opportunities for paid advertising. Read all updates on Google Webmaster Tools to stay informed, and act accordingly. Don’t be afraid of change.

2. Online Marketing Becomes Even More Visual

Due to the advent of curation sites like Pinterest, and image focused sites like Instagram, visual marketing is more important than ever. Mixing written content with visual representations of your message is an important marketing tool today. It’s easier to share visual depictions of your product or service on social media than text. It also makes blog posts look more interesting and breaks up the text, making your words more interesting.

3. Responsive Design Will Be More Important Than Ever

Mobile technology is more important than ever since mobiles are outselling personal computers by leaps and bounds. It’s estimated that the majority of people will access the internet via mobile technology by 2015 – this is not that far off into the future. It’s important to start now creating responsive online real estate so that the browser or device your customer is using doesn’t matter.

4. More Local Businesses Will Use Online Marketing

According to Google, more businesses are claiming their business listings, which means that more local businesses are starting to see the importance of online marketing. This gives marketers a huge opportunity in terms of bringing local clients on board, but it also poses challenges for online marketers who aren’t necessarily location based. Due to personalized search results, that fact needs to be considered.

5. Flash Is Even More Out-the-Door Ushering in HTML5

The only reason Flash is still being used is because most people did not own HTML5 compatible equipment. However, now that more people have HTML5 technology over Flash technology, the time is coming when Flash will be gone forever. HTML5 is better than Flash because it does all the same things as Flash but works on mobile technology and on different browsers.

Paying attention to these trends in 2014 will help you take your online marketing to the next level. It will keep you from being left behind in the dark ages. The best way to keep in tune with the trends is to read industry news, pay attention to new technology, and follow blogs of leaders within your niche.

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