Every person on this earth has the capacity to be creative in some way. Some people are creative in the arts, others in business, and others in more ways than can be described here. The thing that you need to know about creativity is that everyone has the ability. It already exists inside you; you only need to figure out how to bring it out.

1) Be More Mindful

There are a lot of things we do every day without even thinking. We get up, shower, brush our teeth and go about our lives mostly on autopilot. Try getting up in the morning with a new mindfulness about even the most mundane activities. Think about how your sheets feel on your body right before you get up; think about how the shower water feels; think about how the tooth paste smells and tastes and so forth. Take new pleasure in everyday experiences and really be in the moment as you experience them.

2) Look at the World Differently

If you drive to the store the same way every day, take a different route. If you have a viewpoint in life that is different from a friend’s, take the time to give their world view some consideration. You don’t have to tell them; it’s simply a practice to looking at the world through a different lens, which might bring rise to new ideas and thoughts that you never allowed yourself to experience before.

3) Go for a Walk

If you’re working on a project and feeling blocked, get up and get out. Go for a brisk walk. While you are walking, try not to think of anything but your walk for the first couple of minutes. After that, it’s okay to think of your project and brainstorm ideas as you walk. You might consider bringing a recording device with you so that you won’t forget anything that comes to mind. Often, taking the pressure off is the best way to become more creative.

4) Change Your Environment

One of the best things about working for yourself is the ability to change your environment. If you are smart enough to use cloud computing software like Dropbox to store your files, you can take your laptop to the park or the local coffee shop to do some work. If you can’t do that, try cleaning up your office, painting it a new color, and moving around the furniture. Change helps your mind work better.

5) Learn Something New

Take a class; read a book; go to a conference. However you choose to do it, learn something new. It’s important that you are always learning and growing. What you learn doesn’t actually even have to be related to your niche. It can be something just for you such as learning how to garden, or golf. It can also be something that helps you more directly in your business such as learning a new software program. The important factor is that you make it formal enough that you do it regularly and once you’ve learned, move on to learning something else new.

6) Get Moving

Yes, walking is moving, but you need more regular exercise in your life than a walk when you are frustrated or blocked. People who work at a desk and sit for more than four hours a day are at a higher risk of sudden death than those who have other types of jobs. The scary part is, many of us sit for more than 11 hours a day which increases your risk of death early by 40 percent. Join a regular exercise plan or create your own regiment, and then get up every 90 to 100 minutes and move around for 10 minutes or buy a standing desk.

7) Eat Better

The brain needs glucose to think. That’s why you crave all that sugar when you are doing a lot of work and really want to stuff your face with chocolate or ice cream or both. Give yourself permission to eat more fruit while you’re working and you’ll find that your brain works better. Studies show that people who eat sweets during or before a test perform better. Make the sweet something healthy like a banana or a sweet juicy peach. A green smoothie is even better.

8) Take Action

Sometimes being more creative is simply a matter of going from thinking to doing. The truth is there is no such thing as a creative block. You’ve likely heard of “writer’s block” but have you ever heard of “Cashier’s Block” or “Doctor’s Block” or seriously any other career that gives you an excuse not to get to work other than so-called creative professions? These blocks really don’t exist. Your creativity is there for you on command as soon as you accept that it is.

Try these eight ways to boost your creativity and you’ll find that you’re going to be able to better manage the times in which you choose to be creative. You won’t have to wait for the urge any longer, instead you’ll be able to become creative on demand and get more done in less time.

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