Time waits for no man, is the very popular phrase
often used in the business world. For most
business practices, time lines are very important
and almost always non negotiable. These time
lines are forecasted for several reasons, some of
which are to keep the project profitable, on
track and completed.

What Can You Devote

Therefore understanding the time line required
for a particular project will help to set in
motion all the various different section that
needs to be coordinated in order to achieve the
common goal of completing the project

These different aspects of the project must be
made evident in order for a realistic and
accurate time line to be set. Though not commonly
or openly acknowledged, most projects do include
a time lapse period for unforeseen problems that
may arise during the course of the project

After this accurate time line is explored and
eventually firmly decided, the individuals
participating in the project have to make certain
decision. These decisions should include the
following points:

?What percentage of a daily time frame of those
connected to the project are ready to commit?

?This is then extended to how much time per week
will the commitment require should any problems
arise within the project frame?

?What realistic time frame can be expected from
each individual participating in the discussion
sessions before the actual project begins?

?Will the ratio of each participant match the
others or will the time committed only depend on
the individual’s particular section he or she is
involved in?

All these various time line projections, then
needs to be streamlined, in order to “paint” a
clearer picture for commitment that is expected.
With this now in place all those involved can
decide if they are capable of making the said

In the next lesson you will learn about how you
can assess the skills you already have.
Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker