For the most part, affiliate programs are a nice, easy way to

make money online. However, like many other online

opportunities, you need to be on the lookout for scams.

Internet scams are all over the place, as they are increasing in

popularity. Unfortunately, there are also scammers who are

using affiliate programs as fronts. Although it is hard to

associate good news with internet scams, there is good news.

That good news is that there are ways to make sure that you join

an affiliate program, make sales, and actually get paid for

those sales.

As previously mentioned, a large number of scammers are starting

to use affiliate programs as fronts for their scams. These scams

can take on a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles.

One of the most popular affiliate program scams involves

affiliate programs that do not pay. These programs are selling

real, legitimate products. The only problem is that many of

these affiliate programs do not pay. Essentially, you end up

doing a bunch of work for nothing. Another common affiliate

program scam involves selling a product that doesn’t even exist.

Not only will you not get paid for your hard work, but you will

also be participating in a scam that involves ripping off

consumers, by taking their money without giving them what they

paid for.

As it was mentioned above, there are a number of different ways

that you can prevent yourself from joining an affiliate program

that doesn’t pay. One of those ways involves choosing a

well-known affiliate program. If you need assistance choosing

an affiliate program, you can seek it online. There are a large

number of online websites that give accurate and updated

information on a wide variety of affiliate programs. There are

also programs, which are regularly referred to as affiliate

directories. These directories are actually in charge of

running a company’s affiliate program. Many of these programs,

which include LinkShare, come highly rated and recommend, as do

the affiliate programs they have listed in their directories.

In conjunction with researching an affiliate program, you can

also research the product that is being sold. A large number of

customers write product reviews. Many of these product reviews,

which can be both positive and negative, can be found online.

You will also want to check out websites that are known as scam

websites. Scam websites allow internet users, just like you, to

post ways that they have been scammed and by whom. You can find

information on poor quality products, individuals, companies,

and even affiliate programs that are not considered legitimate.

When researching an affiliate program or even a product, it is

important to remember that nothing and no one is perfect. While

it isn’t uncommon to find one or two negative reviews, you need

to be cautious of numerous negative reviews.

Since it is relatively easy to avoid an affiliate program scam,

you are advised to do so. If anything appears out of the

ordinary or if you suspicions are raised, you are advised to use

your common sense. In the long run, you will be glad with your

decision to do so. Not only can avoiding an affiliate program

scam ensure that you get paid, but it will also help you save

your own reputation. The last thing you want to be associated

with is an affiliate program that doesn’t deliver the products

that they promise. In fact, your name or your company’s name

could literally be drudged through the mud. While you may think

that this won’t have a long lasting impact, it might just,

especially if you plan on selling your own products in the near

future. Even if your products are quality products, many

consumers might remember you as the person who scammed them


Although it is relatively easy to spot an affiliate program

scam, there are a few that might “fall threw the cracks.” If

you later determine that you are involved in an affiliate

program scam, or even just a program that is selling poor

quality products, you are advised to get out as soon as

possible. Severing your ties will help to ensure you get paid,

as well as build a good name for yourself.

To your success,

P.S. Affiliate program scams do exist, but you don’t have to

live in fear of them. Just use your common sense, when it comes

to choosing an affiliate program. Common sense goes a lot

further than many imagine.

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