Anyone who does article marketing knows how effective it can be when starting an online business. The articles you write and submit to article directories are what helps drive traffic to your website. Traffic to your website is what you need to make sales.

Driving traffic to your website with article marketing is free. All you have to do is write an article, about 500 words long, describing your product or niche then submit it to an article directory for approval. Once approved, your article gets published and you can watch the traffic to your website increase on a daily basis.

Article marketing is a very effective way to get your website noticed and except for the writing does not take a lot of time and effort. Since you are the expert at what your website and/or niche is all about, just write about what you know. Do not be intimidated by the whole process, just sit down and write.

Although, if by some chance you do not think you can do your website and/or niche justice because writing is not one of your skills, or you are just afraid, you can always hire someone else who does article marketing to do the writing. This does not come free and since the object here is for you to make money, my advice is for you to learn how to do it yourself.

Pick a topic you would like to talk about and then just start writing. Five hundred words is not that long and when you are done, proofread and spell check. It really is that easy.

Make sure you have used your keywords related to your topic, just be careful not to use them too often throughout the article. This is called keyword stuffing and the article directories frown upon that. They will decline to publish your article. If this happens you will be back at square one and will have to start all over again.

At the end of your article, in what is referred to as the resource box, you can add a clickable link that will take your readers to a specific website where you promote your product.

If you are an affiliate and you are promoting a certain product just remember that most article directories will not allow you to link directly from the resource box to your affiliate website. Instead, you will have to direct your visitors to your own website where they can then click on a link to the affiliate site to make their purchase.

While this may be somewhat confusing, there is a good reason for this. Search engines do not like duplicate content one little bit. Since all affiliate sites having to do with one product are the same there could be thousands of affiliates all sending traffic to virtually the exact same website and the search engines don’t like that.

So be careful and follow these simple suggestions and guidelines to become someone who successfully does article marketing.

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