An Entrepreneur is someone who has bundles of new ideas, ventures for business and is responsible for risks involved and also for outcome of it. These are person who are player in competitive world of business. Some mention them as business man as they have their own business and run it.

Entrepreneurs have their history long back, but now days they are very much involved in many business. In 1970s they have not been given much value as of today. Society accepted them with various meanings and their work. There are various definitions by different dictionaries and people according to person acted. As per Webster Revised Dictionary Entrepreneur has been stated in 1913 as the person who makes different goods for his benefit. However, this idea is true till some point. A person cannot be judged as entrepreneur as he do not act just create a product.

Another dictionary like Merriam Webster dictionary stated that a entrepreneur is person who coordinates, handles and estimate the risks involved in the business or in enterprise world. This definition is considered more accurate and explanatory comparing to the previous one. Risks are involved in almost all works of entrepreneurs no matter is investment or implying any new idea.

While there is another formal definition of Ashoka where it states that entrepreneur leads to bring up an organizational society that encourages nothing except social change. Social Entrepreneurs are person who pioneer some new and big possibilities in field of health, education, environment and other sort of field to meet human needs.

A business entrepreneur is a person who contributes the inventions in world of commerce. On other hand, social entrepreneurs are those people who cause social change in field of society. All those above definitions state that an entrepreneur is a person who not only starts any sort of business but also leads and encourage changes within the business field.

Different people have different definition for Entrepreneurs. According to Dale tucker an entrepreneur is a person who assures and control of his future. He does this by getting self employed by opening his own business or joining a multi level marketing team. While Mark Hendricks states that a person who can meet up different challenges in life regarding business, it may involve winning or losing. He should have capacity to bring up alternatives of results of the competitive business.

Some eligibility to look into a entrepreneur are Planning and organization, capable of handling money, dealing products and ideal, management, capacity to work in team, risk taker, etc. He should have capacity of assembling and acquirement of particular goals, reservation to move into a commitment. He should be capable of meeting up the work schedules.

He should have value for money and should maintain records for the funds raised through any source. He should be aware of different techniques in selling the products or ideas. Management skills are must for every entrepreneur. Entrepreneur should be risk taker in world of business while he should also have capacity to influence people and work in team.

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