Business owners are getting on Pinterest in order to get attention, add interest and build their brands. But, you can’t just do whatever you want without direction and expect to get great results from your Pinterest marketing efforts. Like with any marketing endeavor, it’s important to come up with a real Pinterest marketing plan. Truly give some thought to each board you create, and each pin you put in a specific board.

Like with blogging content, or article marketing, each board should have it’s on purpose. For instance, just like you create “how to” articles, you can create “how to” boards. Just like you create educational articles and blog posts, you can create a board to educate viewers about your brand. Want answers from your target audience, you usually create a blog post or a survey to ask questions. You can do all this and more with Pinterest boards that each have their own direction and theme.

As people jump on the Pinterest bandwagon some brands are getting lost because they rush in without a thought-out plan. By creating a plan in advance, you’ll be able to create more effective boards that truly command attention. The truth is, right now nothing matches the possibilities for increasing your brand’s awareness. Pinterest is growing fast, and with the advent of Pinterest business accounts, more tools and uses will soon become available.

To create boards that get attention follow these tips:

Like goes with like — This is something you teach children at very young ages when you teach them to put away their toys. Blocks go with blocks, dolls with dolls, trucks with trucks and so forth. Same idea with Pinterest boards. Each board should have a common theme.

Caption boards with keywords — Consider the words your audience might use to search for the board you’re going to create and caption it with these keywords. Using keywords will make it easier for your audience to find the important information you will be putting on your Pinterest boards.

Create multiple boards — Each board should be focused but create many. You can have boards for many different categories. You might consider have a board for each category you have on your blog, for instance. Shoot for 20 to 30 focused boards with 10 to 15 relevant pins on each one.

Stay within your niche — If you’re a dentist, don’t create boards for podiatry. Stay within your own niche. Yes, it’s okay to share information with your audience that they’d be interested in outside of your area, however make sure it is compatible. For instance, going back to the dentist idea, you might share information about the dangers of tooth lightening or the issues with high alcohol mouth washes and the connection to cancer.

Optimize your boards — You can move around your boards so that relevant boards show during different seasons. Remember to pay attention to how the eye sees your Pinterest. Put the most relevant toward the top, the most beautiful and visual in the center, and the rest just put in order of importance. You can change this around as seasons change and to bring focus to other boards.

Be social with others — Don’t forget that at its core Pinterest is social media. By definition that means that you should interact with others by sharing your content. Search for and follow people whom you believe are your target audience. Being strategic with whom you follow and with whom you share is a very important aspect of using Pinterest in the most optimal way to promote your business.

Now that you know how to create boards that get attention you can use Pinterest in the most strategic way possible to increase brand awareness for your business. And while it goes without saying, I’m going to say it anyway, create a business Pinterest account and don’t just use your personal one for this purpose.

Joshua Shoemaker

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