If you use a WordPress blog, have you ever thought about how much time you put in to making everything look just right? Setting the discussion settings, changing the permalinks, setting up all the SEO plugins, creating the content, the categories, the navigation, finding that perfect theme – all the little seconds and minutes you spend making it all just right really adds up. All the time you spend setting up that theme, the plugins, the files, the tweaks to the individual files – that might be hours if not weeks of trial and error until you get it exactly right.

Many people are used to document their steps, make a manual, figure out “What are the 50 steps I take to making a blog looking perfect?” But now you don’t have to do that. Simply setup your blog the way you want it, back it up and restore it somewhere else and now you’ve exactly copied what your blog setup has.

I used to setup a new membership site at least once per month and I want them to all look the same because I didn’t want to spend every waking hour having the drastically new design for every new membership site when I had a fully functioning, perfectly workable setup. I use certain plugins like Subscribe to Comments. I use certain themes like Coraline and I didn’t want to mess with anything new.

What I used to do was simply setup WordPress in a new location with nothing on it. I would download all the files in WordPress and then upload them somewhere else. This gave me half of what I needed, this gave me the plugins, this gave me the themes but I don’t have to go in and activate the theme, activate the plugins and I would have none of my settings. I don’t have to redo all the widget sidebars, I don’t have to redo the menus, redo the individual changes in each plugins. Downloading WordPress files and uploading WordPress files does not give you exactly what you want.

The secret is also copying the WordPress database. If you know what you’re doing, you can download the WordPress database and put it up somewhere else but it’ll be pointing back to the old site which is no good either. That’s why you need to have a WordPress Backup plugin that is specifically designed for cloning, which means that you can back it up on site number 1 and restore it on site number 2 and it will include the themes, the plugins, the settings and it will all be pointing to the new site.

Setting up your WordPress blog and trying to duplicate your exact step by step method from before takes too long. Just moving the files over is not enough, you need to use a WordPress Backup plugin so that you only spend a few seconds copying your site, not minutes, not hours, and not weeks.

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