You no longer need to spend tons of time setting up WordPress over and over throughout the day. I know many people who decide they want to have 10 sites about organic gardening today and using a Backup plugin, they can make that a reality.

I know people who sell websites such organic gardening or real estate and part of the selling agreement is that they will setup the site in a new location. Several years ago, this might have been an all-day or all-week commitment. But now that we can backup and restore a WordPress site somewhere else, it’s very easy to copy or in fact move a site containing the exact niche theme, content, and even customization such as navigation or social media buttons.

The first thing you should do when you’re cloning a niche site or setting up a niche site is to choose a theme that accurately represents it. That means that if you have a site on organic gardening, you want to have a theme that has pictures of things like leaves or tomatoes or fruit that people know just by looking at it that they’re at this niche site.

Even though you probably want to have a site that stands out as much as possible, make it look somewhat like other sites in your niche.

The next step is to fill it with content. You need to buy content or even pay to have it made. Many article writers will write fresh new content for you and you can simply put this into the new WordPress site. When you back it up and restore it somewhere else, this will be duplicated entirely.

In addition, people always forget that every single part of this WordPress blog will be duplicated. This means that if people left comments on this blog those will be duplicated. If you added in custom menus or sidebar navigation, that will be duplicated as well. If you have social media buttons such as Facebook “like” button or Twitter “retweet” button, the actual retweets won’t get copied but the button allowing people to retweet will very easily.

Setup your niche theme, fill up your article packs, and get that site filled up. Send traffic to it, get comments, get retweets, fix a navigation so it’s easy for anyone to use. Now you’re ready to clone that niche site which means you back it up, you go to a new location, you restore it, and now you’ve copied that niche site somewhere brand new.

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