Instagram is one of the most downloaded apps today. It is also one of the most prolific, with people from all over the world sharing photos almost every second of the day.

But do you have any idea how this app came about in the first place, Well, here?s a guide to the history of Instagram for your convenience!

The Beginning

In 2010, Instagram was born.

The app is the brainchild of Kevin Systrom, a computer programmer and American entrepreneur who was part of Forbes 30 under 30 Most Powerful List, and Mike Krieger, a software engineer, and Brazilian entrepreneur.

Development began in San Francisco. The developers wanted to focus on a photo sharing app after working on an HTML5 program called Burbn, and named it Instagram, as an ode to the words Instant Camera, and Telegram. They received funding from their partners on Burbn, as well.

The main idea is to help users post Polaroid-like photos that they can tweak with filters, and share videos with maximum time of 15 seconds. This way, people could get a glimpse into their world?with creativity in check.

The Climb

Instagram was launched on October 6, 2010 for the iPhone, and by December of that same year, the app has amassed 1 million users.

In March 2011, the first Worldwide Instameet was staged. It was an event that allowed Instagram users from all over the world to meet in their own respective areas and hold photowalks to commemorate the success of the app, and of the community!

The addition of more filters happened throughout 2011, too. In November of that year, the Hashtag Weekend Project was created, as a means of letting users make use of a certain hashtag each weekend. Instagram then chooses a photo from this hashtags to share on their own profile.

More Success

April 2012 proved to be a pivotal moment for Instagram.

Aside from launching the app on Android on April 6, Facebook bought Instafram on April 9 of the same year, and web photos have been redesigned, too.

By July of 2012, Instagram gained 80 million users, and during the course of that year, more filters and features were added, including:

Photo Maps
Mobile Photo Pages
Web Profiles

Not only that, the app also became available in over 25 languages?broadening its reach, and gaining more followers and profit in return!

On Top

By 2013, Instagram gained over 150 million users and have started the trend of letting photos be embedded on websites. By the end of that year, Instagram Direct, Instagram?s own private messaging service, has also been made available!

Today and Beyond

Today, Instagram has over 150 million active monthly users. On average, there are 16 billion photos that are being shared daily, 55 million photos posted, and 1.2 billion likes every single day.

And it is definitely not the end.

The truth is that Instagram?s history is just beginning. It surely is not just a fad; it?s an app for the ages?and you could only be glad that you have become witness to its success!

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