Are you flexible? If you can do the splits that is great. However, in strategic thinking, we are talking about having a flexible mindset. An assumption about strategic thinkers, is that they are rigid and unbending when it comes to their thought process. That is not the case in being a successful strategic thinker, especially when it comes to goal planning. You need to be envision a plan, start executing it and then have the ability to put the brakes on, so that you can shift your direction for success.
Keep an eye on your goal timelines and you will be able to spot the moments when it is time to do some strategic thinking about how to change direction for positive outcomes. When you engage your mind in strategic thinking, you eliminate the panic that might set in once you realize your goals are not moving you forward.
Strategic thinking means that you engage the whole brain, rather say the left side only which has to do with logic. If you are not a strategic thinker, you may find that you need to do some exercises to learn how to engage the whole brain and in this article, we will cover that later.
Whole brain thinking allows you to put a problem under a microscope, examine it using critical and analytical thinking. As you write lists and plan goals, you will use strategic thinking, to come up with timelines. This helps to chunk your goals into smaller steps and come up with resources to help you with the steps.
You may have a preconceived idea that strategic thinkers are workaholics and that would be incorrect. The best strategic thinkers take pauses throughout their days and some take 15-20 minute power naps to recharge their body and mind. They don’t rush headlong into their daily tasks but take time to plan and adapt.
To really become a strategic thinker, you must learn to adapt new ways of thinking. Always be a student who is willing and excited to learn new things on the pathway of life. Strategic thinkers not only learn new things but they also learn how cut out the elements that are not moving them forward and replace them with better options.
Are you ready to learn how to be a strategic thinker and make those 90-day goals rock? Here is a list of games/apps that are very popular, and they are sure to help exercise your mind.
1. Rosetta Stone produces the best, “How to Speak________ languages. It has revolutionized the industry. Did you know they have an brain game? It’s called Fit Brain and when you check out the website, you will note that the games are designed by neuroscientists and gaming experts. For our purposes, the idea that neuroscientists had a huge role in designing over 60 games, should get you excited. Another bonus is the fact that the games are quick. You don’t have to put an hour into training your brain everyday, just pick a comfortable game length and flex those brain cells.
2. There is a site called, “Best Tycoon Games: Own the World.” They have 20 games that will allow you to practise and improve your strategic thinking.
3. is stuffed with activities that you can use to enhance your creativity and your critical thinking.
4. Finally let’s look at game that you will enjoy playing and that many people have said, “this game makes me use parts of my brain that I didn’t know existed. “Braid,” is a time bending puzzle game where worlds behave differently, and you must master an uncharted world.
Strategic thinking is a something that we should all cultivate. It is extremely useful not only in planning and executing 90 goals but every facet our lives.

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