You might have heard of WordPress. You probably use WordPress. This is a blogging platform where you can log into one central area and add new post, add new content that people can read, possibly retweet, link to, comment on and it’s a very easy way to get a website up and running quickly and easily maintain it over time. But did you know that you can have a WordPress blog with multiple authors? Did you know that you can automatically submit any new WordPress blog post that you post to search engines automatically? Did you know that you can use the WordPress blog to gather subscribers and make sales? Well, here are some amazing uses for WordPress that you probably have not have heard of.

Use number 1: multi author and contributors. When you log in to your WordPress dashboard, you enter a username and a password to gain entry. But if you go to the users section of your WordPress dashboard, you can add more than one user to administrate your blog. This is called an administrator which means that you can add more administrators and allow your business partner or your friends or other people working on the site to have access to your blog post, your plugins, the comments, all of that stuff.

But you may notice that when you’re adding a new user, there is a drop down box and you can choose either an administrator, an editor, a contributor, an author or a subscriber. Now you can add an editor that has all of the functionality except for changing around the plugins and the theme. So an editor can actually edit and approve comments. They can change other people’s blog post. They can edit over what’s already there. Or you can add a friend, if you don’t trust them enough, to simply write blog posts. An author can write and submit her own content. So someone can log in and they can’t change plugins, can’t change themes, can’t change any one else’s content but their own but they can post an unlimited amount of content to your blog.

Now you might be thinking, “Well, that is a little too much control that I want to give. I want to make someone a contributor.” Now, a contributor can add new content and submit it for your approval but it does not actually go live on the site until you choose to approve it. This means you can look it over, make additions, make changes, ask them to change things and they will be able to resubmit it until you allow it to go live. This is all built in to WordPres, social media and blog and ping plugins.

The second thing I want to tell you about is this ability for WordPress to automatically tell others that you have new content. There are Twitter plugins that you can set up with your site such as Twitter tools where as soon as you make a blog post, WordPress will log in to your Twitter account and post a link to that brand new blog post you just made. WordPress has a built in blog and ping list which you can find many long list on the internet which means that as soon as you make a blog post, it will submit this brand new piece of information to Google. to Yahoo, to Bing, to many other blog directories instantly as soon as the blog post goes live. Even if you scheduled it for the future. You can schedule the blog post now or a month from now and as soon as that blog post actually goes live, it will tell all these directories, including search engines and you will be listed in a few minutes instead of in a few months the way things used to be.

Use number 3: sales letters and opt-in pages. There are very amazing WordPress themes such as Profit theme which will actually show a sales letter, have some information about what someone can buy from you with a payment button and someone can actually pay you money. And the same theme will host your membership site including drip content. There are launch themes such as optimize press which allows you to set up several videos on a site but restrict navigation so that people can only view a small set of pages. There are other opt-in page themes where you can have your entire blog site but also have some pages where the only thing someone can do is fill in their name and email address in order to get some access to some content or get access to your newsletter.

I hope that opens your eyes about the possibilities of WordPress, not just to set up and maintain a website but to allow others to help or maintain it as well, to get instant traffic through social media and through blog and ping, and to make money using sales letters and opt-in pages. Go ahead right now and try some of those themes and plugins with WordPress starting today.

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