?I need to make extra money, what would you recommend,?

You probably get such emails if you are in the IM niche like me. I have a method that I usually suggest to people, and you can earn a quick $500 to $1000. It is very simple and straightforward hence anyone can apply it and make some fast cash.

First, you have to identify the knowledge and skills you have at the moment. Are you an excellent writer or can build WordPress sites, You may be an exceptional photographer, videographer or a graphic artist.

You may also be one of those people with excellent people skills and can set up joint ventures or act as an affiliate manager. You may have excellent coaching skills and can coach people on doing specific things or even teach them how they can find a perfect virtual assistant. I firmly believe that each one of us has a skill or knowledge that others will happily pay for.

Most people doubt that they have a skill people will pay for. If you are one of those people, I would advise that you outsource. All you have to do is find people with these excellent skills or valuable knowledge and market them.

Just dig dipper and find that thing that people are willing to pay for, it may be a piece of information with high value or just a simple skill that you may be overlooking.

Once you identify the skill to offer, set up a blog site to sell your skill. A simple webpage will help, especially on your own domain. You can research to see how your competitors have theirs set up. This way, you will know how to make yours stand out from the rest.

Look for blogs that are relevant to your skills and do a guest post for it. For instance, if you can write engaging blog posts, look for blogs that actually deal with blogging. If you are skilled in antique engines, then find blogs that deal with old cars. Ensure that these blogs have a minimum of 5,000 readers a month, and that they allow guest posting.
After that, come up with content that matches each blog. Study each site and create an article that solves a problem or that advises them about their specific field. For instance, if you are skilled in article writing, you can advise them on how to write an engaging article that will rank high in search engines. If you are skilled in photography, then come up with a topic around that.

Don?t shy away from giving out all your secrets. Most people would rather call a professional to do the work anyway rather than do the work themselves, even when they have all information. Link all the guest posts back to your site in the author?s box.

However, guest posting is not that easy, but also it isn’t particularly hard. Sometimes it can take weeks before your guest blog post is published. So, how do you push it through,

One way is to link your content to a current event in the news, preferably a current event that has occurred in the last 12-48 hours. You need to be creative here so as to seamlessly integrate your content with a current event. If you can pull that off, then blog owners will publish your post almost instantly.

For instance, if you are an SEO expert, and Google just released new guidelines on ranking, you can come up with an article on how to rank higher in search engines and integrate these new rules.

There is another way to accelerate the rate of which your guest posts are published – by simply providing pictures, graphics, or infographics in your article. In fact, you can make an infographic of your article.

Don?t give up if you fail to get clients who want to hire you for your services. Continue writing and getting your posts published until orders start streaming in.

The entire process could take as little as two days or as long as ten days depending on the readers of the blogs your articles are posted on.

With guest posting, you will get the added benefit of making more connections that can be highly benefitial to you in the future.

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