Do you want to add several zeros to your current income, Well, assuming that you already have your audience, there are several quick cash infusions that you can turn to.

Know Your Consistent Customers – If you analyze your existing customer base, you can identify your prospect and those who have already purchased from you. From this analyses, you can know the buyers who are ready to make a huge purchase from you; these are your best buyers whom you should focus your efforts on. You can also refine your list by identifying your repeat customers or buyers who have made huge purchases from you.

Talk to Your Consistent Customers – You can give your list of buyers a call if you have their phone numbers or you can send them an email. Ask them what they need most and the areas you can improve to suit their needs better. Ask them what else you can offer them. This will help you offer products that are tailored to meet their needs.

Based on the findings you get from the surveying your consistent customers, create a high-value offer that matches the price tag. This means offering them a product of tremendous value and charge them accordingly. The product may suit most people, but the price you charge will only suit your serious buyers. This will enable you to get great returns from your efforts.

Make a great offer to your valued customers – By doing this correctly; you should see significant cash flow into your business. This process can be done in a short time.

How do you draw customers to buy your products, How do you justify your value for your product, To get people visiting your website, calling you up on the phone, emailing you, and saying ?okay, I know your product is expensive, but I will buy it,? you need to write a valuable and exhaustive guide. Think about the field you have great knowledge and experience in and write a book about it. When we talk about an expert, we think about a book he/she has written.

So what happens when you write a valuable guide book, You will no longer chase customers, but they will chase you. The better your books sell and positive reviews that you get, the more customers will be seeking you out.

A great book opens doors for you. After your book starts gaining pace in the market, Radio shows may start requesting interviews. Marketers will want to have JV?s with you. Groups will request you to come and give them a talk. Other websites will feature you in their blog posts. And the best of all, clients will seek you out.

If you think writing a book in your niche is not a worthy endeavor, then that is a misconception because surprisingly, there is a guide to be written in nearly every niche. Do you sell fashion clothes online, Get creative and write stories about how your fashion clothes enabled you to get access to a great platform. Do you install swimming pools, Write a book on how you can install a great pool at an affordable price without the owner worrying about contractors.

You only need to be creative and come up with a guide that solves problems to your target customers.

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