Offering your audience an important online seminar on a topic of interest to them will grow your business in ways that you may not have considered. But, it’s not just about having a seminar; it’s about giving your audience a seminar that they won’t soon forget, and then remembering that it’s not over just because the seminar is over.

Invite Popular Guest Speakers

You can increase the value of your seminar immediately by inviting the right guest speakers. You want guest speakers who are popular to your niche, but who don’t compete directly with you by selling the same type of products and services to your audience. You can find speakers by looking at the authors of books you have recommended to your audience and simply contact them via their websites or email. Asking is the first step to getting.

Joint Venture with Others in Your Niche

If you are part of any networking groups in which people who work with your audience are also part, you can form a short-term JV partnership with them to give a seminar. You each agree to promote the seminar to your audience and to give a presentation on something relevant for the audience and the topic.

Offer Prizes during the Event

To get people really excited about attending, offer the audience something special for their time. Offer free prizes and giveaways. If at least one person will walk away with something large that is free, you’ll get more attendees and more than likely more buyers – even if they did not win. They will feel left out and want to purchase all the more.

Pick the Right Time and Day

It’s important that you understand your audience enough that you can pick the right time and day to host your seminar for the most turn-out. If you’re not sure you can simply ask them. Send out a teaser to your audience about an upcoming seminar, but that you really want to know when the best time to give it is. Have them choose between three different times.

Record the Seminar

Always record all your online seminars because you can use them for those who missed it. You can also repurpose a seminar and sell it, or add it to other items as a bonus. You can cut it down to many different recordings and transcribe them and make them into their own information product. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with seminar recordings.

Follow Up

When the seminar is over, it’s not over. Be sure to follow up in email with your attendees offering them the recording, as well as more information about your products and services. A good way to do this is to send them a survey so they can rate and rank your seminar. This will help you make future seminars better and keep you in the minds of the attendees long after the event.

Finally, offer those who attended a discount to your products and services to help them make the choice to buy something more.

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