So many times businesses offer discounts to new customers, forgetting about the customers they already have that are loyal to them. One way to combat this problem is to create a customer loyalty program. There are many ways in which you can do this, and the methods vary depending on whether you have an online business or a bricks and mortar business. Let’s go over some easy ways to create a customer loyalty program.

1) Punch Card – If you have a bricks and mortar store, one of the simplest methods for creating a loyalty program is to set up a punch card system. Each purchase you punch the card and after the card is full, they get something free or a percent off another purchase.

2) Online Point System – Another method, if you have the technology, is to assign points for different purchases or actions. When they collect points they can cash them in for discounts, freebies and more. You will need to invest in a service like that helps you create a loyalty program like this.

3) Opt-In Program – This is a lot like a mailing list. Put everyone who purchases on your opt-in list and they will get fun promotions, special offers and rewards just for having purchased something once. It’s a simple way that can increase sales by marketing to people who have already bought.

Apps to Help You Create Loyalty Programs

To have a successful loyalty program it’s important to be focused on creating incentives that your customers will find valuable. You want them to feel rewarded for their loyalty. There are apps to help you create loyalty programs that really work.

* Perka – This is an app that allows your customer to use their smartphone for a loyalty program that helps keep your customers coming back. The customer will get incentives based on purchases and points.

* Loyal Stamp – This is another mobile loyalty program that offers incentives to those who purchase from you using their smartphones and a webpage where customers can engage with others. No more punch cards as the phone is turned into a punch card. You can also text message customers and more.

* Shopify – There is an add-on for a loyalty program for Shopify users that allows you to create a shopping cart based loyalty program. It is all automatic and it creates rewards for purchases, referrals and more.

* – This enables any business with a website that sells merchandise to set up a loyalty program. It’s also a points based system that users redeem for prizes, discounts and more at your store. It’s completely web-based.

Even if you are a service provider, and you don’t need a fancy app to help you deliver a loyalty program, it’s important to recognize the importance of your regular customers a few times a year. Any time you plan to do an introductory offer sale, think about the customers you already have and figure out what you can do for them to keep them around a long time.

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