Protect Yourself: Know the Definition of Copyright Infringement

As youâÂ?Â?re creating something, you may wonder what copyright infringement actually is. ItâÂ?Â?s necessary, if youâÂ?Â?re creating a work âÂ?” albeit written, musical, videos, software or some other form âÂ?” that you know the definition of copyright infringement. This issue is very complicated, and not very easily spelled out in plain English, so please make sure that if youâÂ?Â?re ever unsure to contact a copyright lawyer immediately to ensure youâÂ?Â?re using copyrights in a legal method appropriate to the medium.

As I mentioned earlier, a definition of copyright infringement is difficult, at best. Copyright infringement is defined by the jurisdiction âÂ?” the United States of America has different copyright laws than the United Kingdom, or Australia, or Russia, or even China. Because of this fact, you should first, before anything else, check the laws in your jurisdiction (country, city & province) before using something that isnâÂ?Â?t in the public domain.

For our definition of copyright infringement, the public domain is a place where works are that arenâÂ?Â?t copyright-able. Works that arenâÂ?Â?t copyright-able include ideas, works that arenâÂ?Â?t eligible (150 years-old documents, or older âÂ?” think Beethoven and Frankenstein), data that isnâÂ?Â?t categorized in a creative way (this could be a database, such as a phone book or other publicly-accessible data), or items that the owners have specified creative commons copyrights.

As you can see, copyright law is rather complicated. gives us the definition of copyright infringement as: âÂ?Â?Copyright infringement (or copyright violation) is the unauthorized use of material that is protected by intellectual property rights law particularly the copyright in a manner that violates one of the original copyright owner’s exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works that build upon it. The slang term bootleg (derived from the use of the shank of a boot for the purposes of smuggling) is often used to describe illicitly copied material.âÂ?

Our definition of copyright infringement includes the works of creative commons. Creative commons is an organization that allows for the copyright author to determine the uses available for people who want to use their works âÂ?” for such items as for audio, images, video, text, educational materials, and software. It allows for the copyright owner to allow people to use their works for non-commercial, commercial, no derivatives, share alike, or just by giving attribution. Creative Commons is a license granted by the copyright holder, and can be used in both online (electronic internet) works and offline works.

There are many places you can go to get a definition of copyright infringement. The most reliable definition of copyright infringement would be from your local copyright lawyer âÂ?” they will know exactly what in your jurisdiction is legal or not, and how you can use other peoplesâÂ?Â? works or protect your own.

While a legal country or organizational definition of copyright infringement is hard for the layperson to understand, a copyright lawyer will help you to figure out what it is that your work needs to be protected against copyright infringement, or to protect yourself if you intend to use the work of another writer, director, or musician.

Joshua Shoemaker

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