Over 1.23 billion individuals from around the world log into Facebook on a daily basis. 1.23 billion! That?s a huge number. Recent studies have shown that the average user spends around 50 minutes a day or about 25 hours every month browsing on Facebook.

If you are not using Facebook to promote your business, then it?s time you start. Seriously, create a new page for your business right now if you don’t already have one.

One of the most common questions from those that aren’t quite sure how to use Facebook to promote their business are on what they should post. Here are some ideas:

1. Show off your happy customers by posting any photos or even emails that you have received from individuals who have purchased and love your products. Don?t brag about them. Just show a real account of a happy customer. It?s important to remember this when captioning your content.

For example, instead of showing Joe telling how great he thinks your product is, showcase him using the product. You can even go as far as to showcase the direct result of him using it. You?re basically just trying to show customers what to expect, not to boast or sell your product. Trust me, real accounts of what your product has done for someone will sell much better on Facebook than a pitch.

2. Use humor to entertain your followers. Business owners sometimes make the mistake of overselling on Facebook. People do not use Facebook to be sold to on a regular basis. They are on Facebook to keep in touch with friends, family, and to have fun. Some humor can go a long way towards creating a great social experience for your followers. Don?t necessarily tell jokes. Instead, show things in a humorous light. Maybe put a light twist on something that happened to you earlier in the day.

Try posting videos about your business but be sure they are relevant to your business. Don?t just grab random videos from other users. Create your own when you feel inspiration?s touch.

3. Provide content. Not long-winded speeches that bore your followers but rather try and share cool content. ?How to? posts tend to go over nicely on Facebook, as do Top 10 lists.

4. Give them inside access to your business. Show followers the inner workings of your business. They absolutely love to feel like part of a bigger picture so pull back the curtain and show them things that the normal person might not ever see. If you are self-employed and work from home, then show them your work area. If you have an office with employees, then post pictures of your celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries. You?re befriending your customers and making them part of the click. When you do this, you?re making the transition from just another business to a part of their circle.

5. Ask questions to engage in conversations. Ask for their opinion about certain issues. Don?t be afraid to ask silly questions. Post questions with a call to action that tells followers to reply by posting a comment. These silly questions have a reputation for spreading like wildfire across Facebook.

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